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The following publications are very imperative for Nigerian admission seekers at various points of their admission pursuits. These publications are mere guide and not an end to admission. Only universities grants admission and these publications will put you in the right path. 

Vocational Counselling Corner

Understanding Students’ Behaviour: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Minor Mistakes Post UTME Applicants/Admission Seekers Make

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Updates on 2019/2020 Niger Delta University Post UTME Screening/Examination Exercise

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Niger Delta University Post UTME. 10 Things Applicants Must Know

The Dying Value of Education/Professionalism in Contemporary Nigeria

Suicide, Not An Option

Michael Jules’ Soliloquy I: My Father Didn’t Sponsor me to School – He Won’t Eat a Dime from Me!

Total Cost of Schooling in the University (A Case Study of the Niger Delta University)

What is Your Yardstick?

Home Upbringing: A prerequisite for Studet’s Success

Causes of Frustration Amongst University Studens

Stress and School: The Hidden Side of Academic Life

Hostel or Off Campus: A Discuss on the Best Type of Accommodation

List of Courses Offered in the Niger Delta University

2019 JAMB Discuss 1: What You Must Consider Before Choosing a Course/Institution

Issues in Choosing a Good Roommate in University

Does NDU Withdraw Admission When Students do not Accept their Admission on Time?

Having Problems with Admission into the University? Take Predegree Now!

How to Change Your Course in the University

When Your Desired Course is Changed

5 Ways of Avoiding School Fees Fraud (SFF) By Parents of University Students

Michael Jules’ Tripartite Taxonomy of Career Choice Relevance: A Dichotomization of Career Path Usefulness

Career Choice Assistance: Pit holes from our Parents

Theory Of Career Choice Dependence: A Prime Approach

Your Current Jamb Scores: Need for Course/Career Readjustments

Considerations before Career Selection

The Issue of Indigeneand Non Indigene and How it Affects your Admission

Fresher’s Guide: How to Prepare Your Year One Assignments as New Intakes

How to avoid failure in UTME, Post UTME and getting admission