Welcome to our Trust Page. This page has been intentionally designed to convince you of our business status. As an online business platform, we understand that many persons are being defrauded of their hard earned money, hence making it difficult for first time customers to pay us when they have not done business with us before.

Meet A & U Ng Promo Beneficiaries From 2018-2021

Here, let us tell you some of the things we do and have been doing to convince you that we are real and that you can trust us to serve you better.

1. A & U Ng School Fees Promotions

As a business entity, we always think of the plights and challenges of our customers. We understand that many of our customers (students) have not been able to pay their school fees, hence we set up school fees promotion funds of N500,000, N100,000 for 5 lucky winners in 2020/2021 and N1,000,000 in 2021/2022. N50,000 for 20 lucky winners.

We are now entering 2022/2023 school fees promo. This time around, 20 lucky customers will still win N50,000 each for their school fees. Yes! That means we are set to award N1,000,000 again for school fees promo in this year. See the banner below:

A & U Ng 2021/2022 School Fees Promo

A & U Ng 2021/2022 School Fees Promo

2. A & U Ng Hostel Promotions

Lately, we have also kick-started a hostel promotion for our teeming customers. The hostel promo which was supposed to reach 20 customers (of N20,000 each) could not go round as expected patronage could not meet the terms and conditions of the promotions.

3. A & U Ng/Emerald MPCS School Fees Loans

Recently, the A & U Ng office started a students’ cooperative known as Emerald Students Multipurpose Cooperative Society. Emerald is a saving platform where students can save their school fees in instalments and also request for loans to pay their school fees. Emerald is currently one of our widely sought after services which you may want to read about.

4. Free Volumes of Admission Guide

As a vocational centre, we have published numerous volumes of admission guide. The Volumes are Admission Guide for Jambites and Freshmen Vol. I, II & III; Admission Guide for Jambites and currently completing Admission Guide for Predegree and Basic Studies. All these we do to put Nigerian admission seekers on the right path all for FREE.

5. Support for Students Programmes

The A & U Ng office is also very friendly to students’ programmes and activities as we often get involved in what students do on campus. We were instrumental to Miss Fabulous, Prestige quiz competition, the Catalyst Manifesto amongst other petty endeavour we engage to support our customers.

6. Standard Customer Service Delivery

Our service delivery is top-notch. Our packaging and method of customer response is unique. A & U Ng is at it own pace leading vocational services in Nigeria as a whole.

7. Money-Back Policy

Aside the services we render above, we also ensure in any event a customer is dissatisfied, we ensure a proper appeal and refunds is made if necessary. For jobs that cannot be done again as a result of deadline or the customer wishes to retrieve the job, we make refunds accordingly without any ado.

8. We do Not Accept Tips

In our office, we do not accept tips. All jobs handed over to us are given utmost priority. Where there are noticeable delay, we ensure that the gap is bridged as soon as possible.

9. We Are Everywhere

Sometimes, you may express fear of fraud in doing business with us. Please don’t because A & U Ng s everywhere. You can always find us and follow us on our Facebook channels:

  1. Global Jamb Candidates
  2. NDU Admissions and UTME
  3. NDU Aspirant
  4. NDU Latest News
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  6. NDU Graduate Clearance
  7. NDU Postgraduate Room
  8. NDU Parent-Teacher Association

Follow the CEO on the following channels:

Facebook: Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules

Profile: Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules

10. We Build Relationships and Friendships with Our Customers

Our business goes beyond just rendering services. When you do business with us, you become part of the A & U Ng family. From a Jambite to an admitted student to a graduate and on to a postgraduate student, a graduate and a parent sponsoring students in the NDU. So you can see, we are always together sharing useful information to you wherever you are.

So now you know us. Do business with us today! Call +2348060699054 now!