By the time you are done reading this material, you will get free Post UTME past questions and answers + a free tutorial class to enable you attain a score that will facilitate your admission.

Michael O. Jules

Are you uncertain of what the post UTME questions will look like?...


Is this your first admission attempt to study in the university?

Have you tried before but failed once, twice, thrice or even more and you want to abort and forget university education?

Did you score low in JAMB and want to make a mind-blowing score in Post UTME to beef things up?

 Or maybe you want a particular course or nothing else?

Are you afraid that you may not score well in JAMB?

Have you been writing JAMB and Post UTME but not gaining admission?



Dear Friend,

I know how it feels like to be anticipating admission that later fails. Some want only Medicine, they are given Agriculture. Medical students going to Agricultural Science? Who does that? There are many students all their friends have gotten admission but they are left behind.

How Admission Suffered me in the University

If you think you are suffering from admission wahala, you are not alone. We have been there before. The depression, the cries, the inferiority complex, family wahala, people sees you scantily as if you no reach self. You see your secondary school friend for road and introduced his/herself as a student of UNIBEN, you be like let the ground just open so you can fall in.


Like I said, you are not alone in this river of depression and anticipation. In 2008, I wrote Post JAMB (Now Post UTME), they said my Mathematics was Pass that they only needed Credit. O lord, that cafe man that deceived me to use the Maths like that so, I must find him to explain to me.


My parents had already given me school fees to pay up. When the verification officer in Niger Delta University told me they cannot accept my Pass in Mathematics, all my bones symbolically broke down in pieces. I cried all day from NDU to Ughelli. I remember throwing a used MTN recharge where soldiers checkpoint is located. They stopped the vehicle... I quickly knew it was because of me.


I hurried down so they do not suffer the whole passengers. Getting there, I pulled my MP3 glass, my eyes dom red tire like who smoke weed. I just quickly explained my ordeal and apologized. Pick my recharge sharperly and they let us go.


Getting home, another drama. My mother and elder sister were at the front gate. I just gave my mother her N60,000 school fees she gave me, walked passed them and straight to my room without explanation. They both looked at each other and knew something was wrong.


Already lying in my bed, I could hear my sister outline in details how she also went to ABK to study Prelime programme only to discovered at the end of the programme that she was not properly registered and that was how her two year wasted in ABK.




I was kinda consoled but my weak state never allowed me to mutter any word except to ponder and sink her story in. But I just slept off till the next day. Well, as God would have it, I repeated the process again in 2009 and boom! got my Maths, got the admission and went to school. But this did not happen without taking several setps. This is what I want to teach you here today.


Things that can hinder your admission

 Various factors have been militating against the admission of students in the university. These includes:

1. Low JAMB and/or Post UTME scores: If you follow my mentorship, there will be no room for low scores in your career

2. Incomplete O'level Results: Sometimes, like my story above, you may have deficiencies in one or two of your o'level result. Except for professional vocational educators like me, those people will give you wrond advice like they did to me then only to collect their charges and allow you to go and cry. If you have this problem, I have solution for you. There is no need whatsoever to remain at home for another year.

3. Competition: You see? University admission is highly competitive so it is survival of the fittest. Beat your opponent hands down to get the crown. What are you saying? Haven't you seen applicants with high grades not getting admission but those with seemingly lower grades are getting admission? Ignorance is bastard. If you have been at home for long, it may be so because you are not consulting persons ahead of you or you have no opportunity to meet the right persons.

4. Changed course of study: Thereare many students who want Law or nothing: Medicine or nothing: Nursing or nothing, etc. So, they reject their admission and go and write JAMB again. What? No......! This is at least, why I said you need mentorship. You don't have the right information. This is a lacuna you need to fill.

5. Administrative Incompetence: If you have seena lecturer marking voluminous paper/scripts, you will understand this concept. Or maybe you have entered any university admission office during admission period, you will understand. I wouldn't go further here to avoid hearing some persons are looking for me.

6. Man-Know-Man: As a Nigerian, if you do not understand the term man know man, then you must have been living in London all your life. Man-know-man is the process whereby your father is a Vice Chancellor's friend and submits your name to him for admission. So if everybody who knows who submits names, what will become of persons who do not know who? I did not hint on this topic that much because of fears of academic dons. But just know that during admissions, there are a million and one things you can do if you put your ear down.


Let me not bore you with this list. But know that everything you can do to surmount admission challenges has been packaged for you.

How I have been able to solve admission and academic chalenges for candidates and students

The amount of students and admission seekers I have helped over the years freely are innumerable. Sele is one of my academic godsons. Sele has been in my WhatsApp group for 2019/2020 Admission Seekers. After third batch was released (this should be around November last year), I published a material.  


Few weeks later, Sele called through. What was the issue youngman? Sele was all over the phone thanking me for God knows what. He landed that admin, do you remember that pdf you posted last time on your website? I said which of them? I publish materials everyday for the benefits of university admission seekers.  


Sele said no, it is that one on how to get admission without fail. Oh that! I exclaimed. Yes, he continued. I read everything in it, made a move and I was granted admission. They gave me Medlab because medicine was filled already.


Should I bore you with the number of students I give information that helps them? Even in the school, when I receive complains about certain circumstance, I just srite letter to the relevant office and that challenge is surmounted. Letter dey pass letter on. One I get the necessary points from you, as a professional vocational tutor, I just make recommendations, and that is it.

Introducing ...

The Admission Magic E-book


In an era where admission seekers lack information and proper guidance to towards their university education endeavours, we have decided to bring to you the book that brings to stop unending admission pursiut. This time around, admission is going to pursue you.

This Book is a three-way in one approach that sees you into the university without fail unless you do not want to take action

  • Product Main Benefit #1 - This e-book will prepare you to score very high in yourPost UTME by detailing you all you have to do along with out tutelage.
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - Show you the nitty-gritty of the admission processes.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - Open your eyes to what happens around university admission that you are blind to


See How Easy The Whole Process Is



It is very easy to use this guide/manual because we are not leaving you alone. Like I have said, I am a mentor and tutor and mentors stay with their mentees and not leaving them all alone. As you read this manual, we are also going to add you to an ongoing Post UTME WhatsApp group to teach the hell out of you. Those who initially thought we were lying or maybe we were just playing, now in WhatsApp tutorials, they are now confessing Jesus is Lord. See testimonies of 21st April class below:

More and More Benefits from the E-book

  • Product Benefit #1 - Wondered how post UTME questions look like? Sure they are more technical that JAMB. We got your back. Just lean on us.
  • Product Benefit #2 - Wondered how many questions will be presented? All these information are ready at your command
  • Product Benefit #3 - Are you even familiar with how much time will be given to you to complete all your questions? This is one of the greatest needs why you need me and my league of facilitators now.
  • Product Benefit #4 - Do you even know how many questions they set? Hmmm. Too much information at your finger tip
  • Product Benefit #5 - Do you know the types of subjects you will write? All and more are here in this series
  • Product Benefit #6 - Do you care to meet more of your colleagues to make integration into university life easy? We got you on this.
  • There are many more benefits ahead... If you allow me to lead you, my name (Michael Jules) will soon become a household name in your family as it is now to many

Proof of Efficacy

I have told you the story of Sele Biboye above. Someone who already lost hope of admission, just small advice, he came back giving testimonies. Now that Sele is in school, I never knew he can worry the hell out of someone. Chaie! Sele will call you, you will have sense if you don't have any. Lols

What I did to Sele, I also told Anabel in 2017. Just advise o, she did as suggested. Admission officer was even wondering how manage with her score, she never got admission? My brother, many of you are not getting admission because of lack of information and poor academic tutelage.


As an academic figure, I can not really count how many persons my website publication is helping. But those are free vocational guidance. These ones are packed because not everything can be said online. Somethings that may spark dislike must be diligently served.


Last year, one of my academic goddaughter, Preshy from Lagos, (in each year, I mentor university admission seekers into the university triumphantly without hitches) came out from her Post UTME examinations very early. She came to the office. I was like, ha! Them drive you come out? She said know o. I am done!


The devil is a liar. How how come about? She said from the Post UTME past questions and answers tutorials, it seems they lifted her questions from 2013/2014 academic session which was actually the last session we reviewed before she entered the hall.


So, all the while the invigilators were squeezing face, Preshy was seriously marking answers like say na she set the questions. Thankfully, Preshy is now an NDU 100 level Engineering student (Full name is Alamene Precious). This is what tutorials and past questions did for an admission seeker. I am giving you all these for free.

Now, I am not saying you must join my free tutorials and get free past questions. But if only you understand that university admission na competition, I shouldn't be the one to ask you to run after me and tie your cloth very well before you enter Post UTME examination hall. If you really know what you want, I believe you already know what to do from my counselling.

Special Bonuses For FREE!

  1. Free Past Questions and Answer for Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Medical Sciences valued at N1,000 (for free).
  2. Free WhatsApp tutorial classes everyday valued at N1500 a month. Under this lockdown, what is more important to you than a congregation of your colleagues learning?
  3. Free mentorship. Just ask all the questions concerning your admission, we have the answers for you.

The Almighty Admission Magic E-book

Like I have said, This E-book will help you know the following

1. Score a mind-blowing grade in Post UTME. We want this grade for you because if your grade is poor, the job becomes more difficult for us. So, you can see why I have to reach you early.

2. Set the ground breaking work for a sure admission. If I tell you that many persons are not getting admission because of information, just believe me. When you subscribe to the material below, you will hear things above your understanding. You will be happy you subscribed

3. Add free past questions and answers for Post UTME

4. Add free tutorials. What could be more than this?

Cost of E-book

With Free Past Questions and answers

N5,000 only

If I really have to calculate the years of research involved in arriving at a bulk of invaluable information like this for you, this book will cost up to N20k. Yes! I know what area boys do. They charge you N50,000-100,000 to promise you admission that may not even come.


But that is not what I want for people I mentor. The admission will surely come but by decent and legitimate means and not by fraud. If I increase the price, you may not be able to afford it. You will overlook its importance.


So, You only need to pay for N20,000 N15,000 N10,000 N5,000 if you act fast by clicking on the subscribe below and getting the material now as the price will be increased and the past questions and tutorial benefits lifted after three days from today.


What May Likely Happen If You Ignore This Call


If you do not take the necessary steps to get admission on time, you may enter exam hall to meet unexpected questions.


A current client and participant in the ongoing WhatsApp tutorial class who bought Past Questions and answers saw the questions and shouted "is this how difficult the questions are?"


I told her not to worry, I got your back. I have since added her to the WhatsApp groups where she is having a swell time learning since on Monday.


It may also lead to chronic frustration if anything go wrong. Sure, you want to take that step now. You do not really want to leave your admission to chance do you?


I have seen candidates cry at home because of admission problems. Beleive me, it is not palatable

You may also fall into the hands of fraudsters. Admission wayo full university shall. Some will promise you heaven and earth just to defraud you. If you do not follow us that knows the road, there is possibility that frausdters may behave like sheep and come around you.


If you do not take action this early, the work of putting you in the right direction which is our mandate will be difficult as things will be proving too hard to mould in the right path.


So, please, take action now and come out victoriously.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

The material aside, If you attend my tutorial and you do not give testimony of how sweet it is, you get your money back talkless of if the material is useless for you.

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Offer valid while time last

Free past questions and answers for Arts and Humanities

Just click HERE to buy the Admission Guide. I want to see you at the other side. Do not read this material till this point and return, take action now! Your destiny is now in your hands.

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules
Admissions and UTME Nigeria

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