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Hello, welcome to our platform where we help you connect to the Niger Delta University for various services.

Many individuals and organizations within Nigeria and overseas are searching relentlessly but in vain to reach the Niger Delta University to verify certificates and other credentials submitted before them for employment and other engagements. We have received calls from various countries including Canada, India, USA, Gabon, South Africa, Ghana, etc., all requesting for connection to the NDU for the services so mentioned above.

Consequently, we have created this channel to help render third party services, linking you in proxy the the NDU. We can help you render the following services in the Niger Delta University:

1. Confirmation/Verification of Certificates and other academic credentials,
2. Collection of NDU Original Certificate,
3. Processing of NDU Academic Transcripts (in person and proxy),
4. Final Year Clearance (in person and proxy) and any other services like linkages, contact/office tracing, etc.

Our Office is located at No. 1, NDU Road, Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island (Amassoma), Bayelsa State. Our proximity to the University community gives us the opportunity to easily process your applications on your behalf.

We are fully on ground, poised and ready to assist you get to that office in NDU you are unable to reach.

How To Verify/Confirm NDU Certificates and Credentials

To verify a document claimed to be emanating from the Niger Delta University, the applicant have to deal with the office of the Registrar.

Upon application at the Registrar’s Secretary’s office, the applicant may request to know when to come back for feedback.

If there is no specific date given, then you keep on contacting the office at intervals of three days.

Once the confirmation circle is completed, you can get it in person from the Registrar’s office or receive it as stated in the application letter.

How To Verify/Confirm NDU Certificates and Credentials By Email

I will not recommend this because various complaints has reached us that mails sent for over a month are not attended to. So, I will prefer proxy processing. Another benefit of the proxy processing is that we are always here to visit the office of the Registrar to appeal in person for quick service.

The Process of Verification/Confirmation of NDU Certificates and Credentials

To verify NDU certificates and credentials, you have to deal with the office of the Registrar directly. However, whence you do not have the connection with the office directly, especially in person, then kindly do the following:

1. Send all necessary documents and corroborating credentials (i.e. if a letter will follow the job) to and copy

2. Call/WhatsApp +2348060699054, +2348050706635, +2348120661125 to notify us of your application and all the necessary information we need to abide by your application.

3. Once application has been tendered to the relevant office, you shall be notified and sent your copy of the acknowledged application letter from whence tracking of the application will commence.

4. Depending on the nature of job so entrusted, time taken varies from 2 days to one week.
5. Cost implicated will be discussed based on the nature of job done.

Phone Call/WhatsApp: +2348060699054, +2348050706635, +2348120661125

Office Address:
No. 1, NDU Road, NDU Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island (Amassoma), Bayelsa State.

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules
Lead Administrator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria