Admissions and UTME Nigeria

It is another academic session to reflect on past failures and unfulfilled plans and do more to achieve set goals. Of course, so many of you planned of being admitted in this current/ongoing admission. Nevertheless, the one and only truth is that not everybody can be admitted. “I reject it” doesn’t really work here. What works here depends on what you do and the Grace of God.

So, you have planned of gaining admission in this academic session, yet, first batch is out, your name is not in it. Even some schools had released second batch, yet, your name is not in it too. Then what?

Kill yourself?

God forbid!

For admission?

Listen up, A righteous man is not one without sin but one who falls ten times and still finds his way up.

So, if you are unable to meet up in 2018, 2019 is then your year to gain admission. A year ordained by God to use us to assist you in gaining admission into any university of your choice in Nigeria.

Or probably you are new to the UTME system. Maybe, this is your first time. All you have to do is follow use closely so that you will not experience what it feels to write Post UTME and not be admitted.

Gaining admission into a Nigerian university has been a onerous task year in year out. This is because the number of candidates who apply each year to be admitted far outnumber the students universities can admit at a go. Hence, applicants keep on applying without reasonable results at the end of the day. This is because less than 30% of the total number of candidates that applied for Post UTME in all schools are admitted.

In the midst of all of these, many students had scored far above their UTME and Universities required cut-off marks, yet, admission is not granted them. Even more painful is the fact that many other students who scored below you are granted admission, yet, you that scored higher is still at home. If you think gaining admission is all about high scores, then, go online and search, join groups on Facebook and ask people who had written UTME before and have them testify for you.

It is in the bid to eliminate this admission gap that we have created this platform to assist you gain admission.

If you had score very high before and not admitted, you may start thinking, that “It is only my things that are different”, or probably “Family Witches and Wizards are after your career”.

Well, let me just tell you. Most times, it is not really family Witches and Wizards that hinders your admission, but a host of other factors exist that makes it difficult to gain admission one time even when you have high scores.

You can imagine where 1,000 people wants to sleep in a room that can only contain about 5 persons, or let us say, we have millions of Nigerians who are unemployed, yet, job opportunities are very small. The Trading Economics ( pegs unemployment rate in Nigeria to be 14.20 in 2017. So, in the midst of plenty, how can you get your way through without fail?

This is the major reason why we are here to put you through.

Gaining admission ONE-TIME into any university of your choice involves ADEQUATE PREPARATION and FOLLOW-UP after examinations to ensure that your name finally comes out. Of course, many persons will gain admission without stress, yet, you are not getting it. You may have written once, some others twice, thrice and so on. Hence, in this 2018 JAMB, you don’t need to let chances go like that. You have to take them, utilize them, make things happen yourself.

I know you want to hear the greatest weapon we have that we have used to assist students in gaining admission. Just be reading, we shall expose you to all the necessary information you need to gain admission one time.

The goodnews is that we do not engage in magic. Whatever we shall tell you still borders around what you may have known. What may differ is a change in approach and how you see things. After your POST UTME examination, we shall tell you what to do to ensure that you track your admission till your name finally comes out.

We know you will surely come back to thank us later as many persons had done.

What you must know is that in the university, the only list that you are sure of is the MERIT list. The MERIT list is the first batch. Once the MERIT LIST is out and your name is not in it, just forget it. It is at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor to grant admission thereafter. It is in this list they will start to gather names from candidates who are next in line to be admitted. Inside the next batches, your name may still come out. But the problem in this list is that it is flawed with their own personal list.

What you should know is that during admission, the Governor of the state have his own list of candidates. The Speaker of the State House of Assembly have his own list, Honourables, Commissioners, and other top-ranking politicians have list to lobby the VC to grant them admission.

As if that is not enough, within the school community itself, the Vice Chancellor, members of the Senate, Deans of Faculties, Heads of academic and non-academic Departments, senior lecturers and other low profile staff who have children using the same Surname have influence over the admission process.

In the school where I graduated from, as a staff, if you have a child that is using the same surname with you, meaning he is not your nephew or niece but your direct son or daughter, you can submit a letter of CONCESSIONAL ADMISSION to the Vice Chancellor for admission. And yes, his/her name will come if it wasn’t in the merit list.

The Big Question is…

What if you don’t have anybody to put your name in a list?

This is where the problems lies.

This is why you need information on how to ensure that you gain admission this year unfailingly.

Remember that you don’t have to be stingy in trying to gain admission. You want to come out in flying colours, yet, you cannot even buy a textbook with your money. But prefers to subscribe N1,000 twice or thrice monthly to support or disregard government online wasting your precious money. Or probably pay for expensive make up? What is beauty without education?

As you are reading this now, many candidates have written their exams waiting for names to be released. The truth is that they never knew that names are being removed to accommodate other persons whom are recommended from above.

The fact is that I know what I am saying, that is why I felt the need to come out and do this. I have been in the system to an extent that if you follow me, you get quick result.

Why should you even listen to me?

I have graduated from a University (I read Accounting Education): They said you cannot give what you do not have. Therefore, in this case, I have it and I can give you.

I have been involved in admission issues since 2010, enrolling students into the schools they had gained admission.

I have been in the university terrain for up to nine (9) years. I guess the nine years would have enabled me to know something even if I am very dull.

I have been an adequate researcher, assisting students and lecturers carry out their research works. My works has over the years been adjudged to be very good by supervising lecturers as testified by research supervisees.

I have been very knowledgeable in the area of linking students with persons in schools that can assist them both in front and back doors.

I am the sole admin of NDU ADMISSIONS AND UTME. A Facebook page where I give University applicants information on admission processes.

I am the sole admin of MJE Resources on facebook. A page that assist students on research projects.

In order not to bore you with what I can do, I want to cap it with the fact that I am still in the University learning as a Masters student.

So, you see? I am still very much in the system. Hence, all the information you need will be at your disposal. Then, whether you will succeed or not is then your work even as we will be here to guide you through.

I have seen students cry when admission passes them. Believe me, it is not palatable at all. In fact, it happened to me in 2008 when my PASS in Mathematics in my O’level would not allow me study even after being granted admission. I was misguided that even with pass in Maths in my O’level, I can still study. So, I went to the Niger Delta University blindly to do verification. Guess what? I was rejected!

So, believe me, I know how it feels to write WAEC, NECO, UTME and Post UTME without being granted admission.

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On that day, I cried my eyeball out inside Agofure Motor from Yenagoa to Ughelli. The first thing I did when I got to Ughelli was to withdraw the school fees my mother gave to me and give her back in anger and went to the room straight. My mother and elder sister packed follow me like Miyerijesu to the room, trying to know what happened. But of course, my elder sister who was already in the university then already knew what had happened and started advising me. All the advise fell on deaf ear as I was already asleep and found myself in another bright morning.

So, it is because of these inconsistencies that I have decided that since another admission year is coming, I have to guide you properly. Fear of the unknown shouldn’t stop you. Just give it a try. You have nothing to loose.

Feel free to contact me:

Michael O’Jules
Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria,
MJE Tech Centre,
Beside Gloryland Campus Main Gate,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State.