This episode deals with your WordPress Dashboard


Right now, you are going to document and keep all those process you passed through to reach here, upload to your email and put them aside. You no longer need them for the time-being. The only thing you need now is your WordPress account. If you have been my friend on Facebook and you are seeing my website publications, whenever I want to publish those materials, I just login to my website WordPress dashboard. This is the only place you will be using for a long time.


Remember it is called website hosting and development? Now you are done with hosting. It is time for development.


So, what is the name of your website you have hosted? Enter it in your browser and add “/wp-admin”


For, we are going to have This is where to login to your website as an admin. While others/visitors are using, you are using Just like you did when you added “/cpanel” to your website to access your cpanel account, this is what you will do to access your office (see picture below):

1. So, do you remember the login details you used to install WordPress? Ok, bring them now and enter them here. Both the admin username and password. Then login. If you forgot, go back to episode III subsection H3 and see what you did there.


2. If you attempt login and it shows error, then read the error message. Is it because of cookies that your browser blocked or because of wrong password?


i. If it is because of cookie, go to your browser settings, click on privacy and security, click on cookies, go to CUSTOM, uncheck cookies. Then it will login. If you do not understand how to remove blocking WordPress from accessing your cookies, kindly use Google to search it. Go to Google and type “how to remove disable cookie from Chrome” or any other browser you are using.


ii. If your WordPress Dashboard did not login because of wrong password, kindly visit the login information you used again for correction. If you still cannot login, you will need to contact me to help you privately. If I discuss it here, this class will be too compounded and make you confused again.


If you are able to login, then…..




Congratulations! You now own a website

This is where my free tutelage ends


I have video tutorials on how to develop the whole site, plus I am available for mentorship to ensure you are able to setup the website and do all necessary configurations.


These aspects need professional touches. If I encourage you to go ahead alone as I have been doing since, you may not be able to get something nice. Plus it will delay your growth.


After setting up your website, you will also need to setup money making channels which we refer to as FUNNELs.


Funnel is another school of its own altogether. I will teach you all of that.


Again, after making customers to get interest in your business, you will also want them to pay you while you are sleeping. ou will also need to know all of that.


Even though you have been able to develop your own website, you will need professional touches to develop it and grow. Otherwise, all your endeavor so far may be in vain. You cannot actually grow well on free mode.

I have the following services to offer you:


1. Website Development and Configuration


2. Funnel (This consists of optin page, presell page, sales page, email marketing, etc.)


3. Payment Integration (This allows you to collect money in your website).


Each of the services above cost N10,000


You will surely need the combination of the three to make good start. Do not stop half way. Do everything you can to setup your online business. You are here already. No going back.


Subscribe to the plans above to get things going.


Remember that most of us only have this quarantine period as our only free time. Some of us, after the quarantine, we are off to work, no time again to learn. So, get it setup now so by the time pressure of work or school commence, you are up and doing already.


I will also help you with traffic from my website to drive people to your website to see the services you offer.


If you do not take this bold step now, you are still where you are. You will keep on asking marketers how manage they are getting ceaseless customers.


Remember that as you are publishing, it is also a good time publish yourself. If you write very fine articles, your name is there. So, when people enjoy your writing, it is to the credit to your name. A website owner is a researcher, a learner, a teacher. You are going to teach people about the things you do. As you are teaching through posting of publications, people are having interest and calling you.


I will also help you on how to publish for free if you subscribe to the paid version of my tutorials. The paid versions are the main aspect – the money making machine indeed. If what we have done so far is thrilling, be rest assured of a more thrilling journey with me.


Why do you need my services as a mentor?


When I was learning, I got stuck somewhere. Of course, I have to call my mentor to put me through. Very minor details though but it helps connect the dots. On your way all through, you will need me to be reaching you to know how far you have gone.


So, click the button below to subscribe to the different packages one after the other.