This episode deals on your Cpanel Dashboard


cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. I am confusing you now abi? Don’t worry, you don’t really need all of that explanations than to actually enter and start work.

You will need to watch the video above to familiarize yourself with it. If you do not understand, do not bother. I repeat, do not bother. Just keep on visiting Google to read more on whatever you do not understand. I have said this before.


You will only watch this video from 3:30min to 16:00min. From the 16th minutes to the end is for other purposes which is not for this course. So, do not go and confuse yourself the more. We will get to the other side later. The instructor used a foreign hosting company called Namecheap but I used Nigerian Whogohost. All are same services. Just like Glo and MTN. Different companies but offering the same services.


This is another video but the instructor is white. So, you may not follow up well that is why I made it number 2 here. But you can still watch it.

Ok. Let Us Start Here

Remember we were waiting for Whogohost to send us our Cpanel login details abi? Let us assume they have sent us. Please, read everything they sent to you in the email. Anything you do not understand, go to Google and search about it.


1. Now, to login to your cpanel account (which Whogohost will send to you), you will type in the name of the website you just hosted then add “/cpanel”. In our example in episode II, it will be like Once you load it, it will take you straight to where to login in. See picture below.


Go back to the email Whogohost sent to you. The login details are already there. It consists of the cpanel username and password. Just copy and paste and login to your cpanel page. This will take you to cpanel your dashboard (Picture below).


Remember that our we are using here is merely tentative. We did not purchase the domain name so no cpanel for it. Now we are going to switch to another website I have already purchased and about to develop. It is


So, to login to the cpanel of, all you need to do is type and search. The cpanel page will load for me to login (refer back to the cpanel login picture above).


There are many functions here that you will need to know later. If you watched the video 1 & 2 in this episode, you must have perused though the contents of cpanel. But because we just want to get our website running, all you need to do is scroll down to the group of files where you will see Softaculous App Installer, it is number 10 which is the last position. The position may vary so do not let that confuse you. Just look for softaculous. The groups of files are listed as follows:

  1. Files
  2. Databases
  3. Domains
  4. Email
  5. Metrics
  6. Security
  7. Software
  8. Advance
  9. Preferences
  10. Softaculous App Installer (This is where you are coming)


Under the Softaculous Apps Installer, you will see WordPress logo there. Click the logo. See the logo of WordPress Pictured above. n this page:

1. Click on install now. See picture below:

2. The installation page will pop-up. These are the things to do here:

Leave everything under WordPress software setup

Under site settings:

i. Site name: Change it to the name of your business. Like in our example, it is NDU Lattest News

ii. Site description: What do your business offer? What are your services? In our example, the services will be like: NDU Lattest News offers you all the university news in one place, how to process your year one and final year clearance, school fees processing, courses enrolment, result checking, medicals, etc. (If your services are so plenty, try to take only the major ones as sample here, otherwise, add all).

iii. Ignore Enable Multisite. Leave it as it is.


Under admin Account: Insert what you will use to login to your website. For you to access your website and make publications everyday, you will need a username and password. This is where you will create it. If you do not understand this point, kindly read again.

i. Enter your username

ii. Enter your password

iii. Enter your email: It is very important to create new email that reflects the name of your business.


Leave the rest items and go straight to the bottom where you have “Select theme”.


All the information in the installation would be sent to your mail. Which email do you want to receive them? Enter the email at the bottom there. A space is created there.


Click on install






  1. Congratulations! Your wordpress account has been successfully installed.


You are done with this episode.


The next place now is WordPress dashboard. Just take it as you are now going to your office. It is called back office. This is the back of your website where you upload contents that visitors will see. That shop you bought earlier, you are now going there to sit, operate, paste your contents, etc.


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