Free Website Hosting and Design Training Course: Episode II of IV


Welcome To The Episode II Of This Tutorials

This Episode Is Less Talk, More Work.


Let’s Go!


Instructions: This episode is better learnt with a laptop. You use one tab to read this material while you open another tab to implement. If you do not have a laptop, then having two phones will be very important. One for reading, one for implementing. Do not make the mistake of reading to the end before you implement. Read step one and implement. If you do not have two phones, then manage one phone and switch tabs.


Remember! Read one step and implement. Visit any site I refer you to and start immediately. If you finish before you start implementing, it will be cumbersome for you.


Like I promise, no more talking too much. Sit tight and get all the info in steps.


Step I: Website Hosting

I told you in episode I that I will be using There are many others but why should I bore you with too many things you do not need? Later, you can decide to adjust but for now, we are using Whogohost. I hope you visited the website above? That means you already know a list of Nigerian hosting companies.


1. Visit, click on the human icon at the topright (Pictured below).

Whogohost homepage

This will bring out login form (Pictured below). Go down and click “create a new account” to register. Fill in your details and create an account (Please, save your login details in your browser remember password and in your email for future reference).

Whogohost login page


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2. Once logged in, Scroll down, there are five monthly hosting packages there (Pictured below).

Hosting packages simply means you are selling different goods. Sure all of them have different prices? So, you are going to select the package you want here. If you want to select the plan according to your pocket, then look at the plans, convert it to Naira and multiply it by 12 months. Let us take the first plan there as at today 27th April, 2020 which is $1.40. A dollar now is N360 but close to N500 in the black market. Let us take N400 as the average. $1.40 x N400 = N560 x 12months = N6,720. Whogohost calculation may vary. If you know you have more money, you can increase your plan. But let us work with this one.


3. Click on “choose plan” under the plan you want.


4. This is where you will enter the name of your domain name which you already have (Pictured below).

Shey I told you in episode one to think of the domain name you will use for your business? Ok, now I need it. Domain name simply means the name of your website like my own now na If you never have any domain name before and you are lost, then stop here and try to get one. What will influence the selection of the domain name will be based on what you want to use the website to do or the name of your company. Ok, the name of my company is Admissions and UTME Nigeria. I will not go and form a website name now, right? It should be related to the business I am doing. If you are still confused here, please call me on 08060699054 to tell me why you are confused, what you want to do with the website and I will help you form a name. Remember that the domain name is simply the name of the website. It is same as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).


In this same page, you will see three options. They are:

  1. Register a new domain (leave the option here)
  2. Transfer your domain from another registrar
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers


Of course you are new here so you are taking number one which is the default. Register a new domain.


The name of our demo website URL will be Lols. Austine will kill me today. So, enter your domain/website name here and click check.


Please, do not type “www” and/or “.com”, just enter only austineabu. If it is available, the picture below will display and request you to continue.

Otherwise it will show not available. See the second picture.

Again, “.com” is the default on the tab. Just leave it like that. I don’t want to make this tutorial complex.


5. Now, the next page will show you several information. Please, you can peruse through all the possible information but do not adjust any. The payment plan has been automatically set to annually. So, leave it like that. Just click “continue” under the blue button to the right hand side (Pictured below).


6. This will take you to the domain configuration area. Here, you have to select an additional box to protect your domain identify from public glare/search by ticking the “ID Protection” checkbox. This will cost you another fee in addition to the already known charge. The fee in Whogohost is pegged at N1,400. Check the box and click continue at the bottom (Pictured below).


7. This is what you will do in this next page:


a. Ignore the daily website scanning and daily website backup if you are having financial challenges.


b. Go to Payment method, choose Paystack (Subscriptions) to enable you pay online immediately.


c. Check the terms of service under.


8. Click on Pay Now

A pop-up box will appear for you to make payment.

If successful, then congratulations. You have successfully hosted a website for the first time. Your payment receipts will display immediately and a copy of it will be sent to your email.


But time to be happy never really reach. You will have to wait for them to prepare your cpanel account and email you your login details. This may take up to a day or less. So now, you have to rest or you may peruse through again no know more.


Dismissing Your Fear of Fraud

I know that now it has come to make payment to host now, your mind has changed. And you want to make millions? How? If you want free only, you can never grow. You have to pay for premium services. My growth in website ownership and internet marketing took time because I was using only free versions. Facilitators will never release the killer trick for you all for free. So, let go of your fear and pay for the hosting ok?



The next episode – episode III – will be basically on cpanel and how you are going to use it. The domain name to login to your cpanel account will be the name of your website you just hosted then you will add “/cpanel”. All these will be discussed in the next episode. So if you do not understand, never worry yet. Even Whogohost will send you all these details. So, you ensure you keep the mails. Be a good and insightful reader so that you can read to understanding. Anywhere e tire you, just call me.




Before you go to episode III, you must ensure you get to this point. Remember I said you must have your own website at the end of this tutorial. Hence, it is very imperative to learn one thing at a time. If you are confused how I got here, kindly go back and read again. If you still do not understand, call me on 08060699054.

Wait for your Whogohost email that your cpanel is ready before you go ahead.


Once again, may I congratulate you for successfully hosting your own website free of charge!



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Beside Niger Delta University Main Campus Gate,
By RCF Tent,
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