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Free Website Hosting and Design Training Course: Episode I of IV


Thank you for visiting my page and joining my free tutorials on how to host and develop your


own website for building your online stores and making money therefrom


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My Name is Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules and I am your host in this training
Marketing Educator, Dept of Voc./Tech. Educ., Fac. of Edu., Niger Delta University

Believe me, this is the greatest endeavour ever if you have not been an internet marketer. Internet marketing is more than owning a website but then, we have to start from here. Along the road, you will learn so many things that will help you make wise use of the lockdown. Even me per se, I have learnt even more things in this lockdown. So, now, it is your turn. Waste no time!



If You Want Me To Handle Everything For You From Scratch, Call Me on 08060699054


In this training, you are going to be a friend of Google. Anything you do not understand, just type it in Google. Everything is just online. So, before you call me for help, just try Google first. Self-help builds your capacity than dependence. If however, you cannot meet up, then reach me for help.




This tutorial contains four episodes. By Episode IV, you are already in your admin office in WordPress setting up your pages, posts and products.

I would have just started by telling you to visit this website, visit that website to get started. But if I do that, it would look like giving you a vehicle to drive without roads to drive it. You need to understand the environment upon which you are entering so that it would be easier for you to thrive whence you start.


So, in this first episode, permit us to dialogue one on one. In the next episode, you will start visiting the first website to start with creating your own website.

Who Really Need a Website?

1. Everyone needs a website

But whether you will grow later depends on expertise, creativity and understanding. If you hope to get the same money your masters are already getting from the start, you will soon lost interest. So, take your time to establish yourself to become an internet Don. I started earlier in 2015. I have minimal professional guide, so my growth took time. But with me, you are heading to express already.

2. A businessman/woman

Like I always say, if your business is not online, it is as good as your business NEVER really existed. People who are closed to me (some of whom will also read this) wonders how manage I get much customers, even more than those at the roadside, whereas, my office is at the back of others. Many who would not understand thinks uncle Mike has joined the Yahoo Yahoo gang. But unfortunately for them, the secrets is just internet marketing. The fact is that I have more than 400 publications mentoring university education admission seekers on every aspects of their academic wellbeing. So, even those in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt who never knew me, read my publications online and actually call me for information.

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So, if we are doing the same kind of business, between me and you who depends only on customers coming to your shop, who will make more money. Is it not me that have Omni-presence customers? So, the difference is that your business is bound by place and time, whereas, mine is Omni-present. I can be sleeping but new customers are making payments in my website. While you now, you have been locked down. So, tell me why you won’t involve in internet marketing?

3. Political Aids

One thing I like most in academics and beyond is intellectual sagacity. Anybody anywhere that displays intellect, I literally worship the person. Now, as a political aid, you need to be preaching the ideologies of your master more than mere facebook post. Articulate materials and just keep on writing. If you are so sound in defending your masters, there is no way your salary will not get fat in the long run. In fact, politicians should be running after intelligent person like you (even though they say politicians do not like graduates) but those with useful skills will surely find their way.

4. Consultation

Are you a consultant? How do you even get clients when you are not online? You just need to be online. You are restricting yourself if you do not have internet presence. No one knows you. Your colleagues are getting clients online everyday and you are just in one street. Your colleagues are everywhere and you are just restricted to one location.

5. Publishers/Bookshop Owners

Publishers and bookshop owners are other target persons who must do all they can to go online. All those plenty books in your shop, you mean you cannot even sell for someone that physical copy cannot reach. Have you even heard of Jeff Bezos of Amazon? In this current year, he is worth 145.1 billion US Dollars. What is he doing? Selling books online amongst other products. Anyway, I am not a motivational speaker, so let me not start. Just put yourself together and go online.

The list is absolutely endless…


What Can You Sell Online?

Ok, let me start from those who already have a business. This may constitute challenge to those who already have physical shops and physical products orientation. Sure you know if you sell physical products now, delivery will be difficult right? But it will surely be lucrative after the pandemic. So, now, if your product cannot do without physical delivery, then think of services, e-book, etc. Something you can sell without actually moving.


Take for instance, I sell past questions online. People can search on Google, find my pages, visit, read, be satisfied and actually pay via their card details while I am not aware until all I do is receive alert. Sweet right? This is where services or e-book comes in.


Talking about services or e-book, you can actually write a book on how to cure bedwetting, weak erection, facial beauty, stretch marks elimination, cure for ulcer, etc. This is if you have a very potent cure that you have been recommending over years.


Please, note that internet marketing has to do with value creation. No value, no wealth. Even after the value creation, you also need to convince the customer that your solution works better that anything else. We shall discuss this in the episode V in this online course. We call it FUNNEL.


Maybe you are tying gele. And you know how to tie a particular gele that many others do not know. Then make a video of how to tie fine geles. After prospects must have watch you tie fine geles, then tell them that there is another style that is making the rounds now that everyone in town now is craving for. Then that one will be for sale. But first, you must tie fine gele first and make your audience know that you are really good in it. It is only then that they will buy the later one for sale. So, to get it, click the link below to pay for it. So, I hope you can see how internet marketing works? People will surely buy because you have/know something that they need.


This is just the whole idea of internet marketing.


What if You do Not Have a Product?

Whether or not you have a product is not an issue at all in internet marketing. This is how it is. I have used a traditional herb on weak erection before. From that time till now (Almost 10 years now), I have never used drugs for sex. In fact, this is a story for another day because it is a product I also want to sell. So you see? Now, I will make an advert for those having weak erection. If you have been embarrassed before because of weak erection, you will want to try this product. To make people really buy, you will need what is called a sales copy. After reading your sales copy, they will be convinced to actually patronize you (Sales copy will be discussed later so do not be confused).


Now, this is what we call affiliate marketing. The product is not your own, all you just do is connive with the owner of the product who may not even be online. When order comes, you take the product and deliver and your commission remains with you. When the customer used the product and it works like magic for him, take testimonials from him/her. You are going to need it in your sales copy.


Do you know? You can also create your own product by being creative in your area of business. Let me tell you a bit about my own business so that you can lift ideas from it. I am grossly involved in the university admission process. I have so pried into various admissions office across universities just to get information I can use to help uninformed students. This is what we call research into your business. Knowing everything you need to know in your business area. From all these information that I have gathered over the years, I have been able to create an e-book that helps students gain admission easily which is now on sale. If you buy, you won’t be complaining of admission because all the information is at your fingertips. And it cost just N5,000


So, as a businessman/woman, you have to spend money to conduct research into the challenges your customers are facing and serve them. True wealth comes from value creation.


Why you may be afraid to create your own website


Codes! Arrggghhhh!!!!! I hate codes. Lols. But do not worry. I promise you that you will not see a single code all through. As you are reading this text now, everything are made possible by codes which has been hidden. So, believe me that you can actually run a website without seeing any single code. Just dare to create one. It is like wrapping a bad product with a good cover. If you do not open it, you will never know that the product inside is bad. That is how it is here. You are working on top of codes but you will never see one. Everything has been interfaced. You will only see codes if you wish to, and visit the code area. Otherwise, you will just be like you are doing Facebook. Believe me.


A Website is Like a Physical Shop Where You Pay Rent to Hosting Servers


Truly, just as you have a physical shop and you pay rent, that is how internet marketing is. You host your shop in a server which is the shop and you pay the server owners money yearly for keeping your website open and your files so that the public can reach them.


To explain, let me say I have a website, and you want to sell a book on how to win beauty pageant. Ok, I will create a page for you. The book will be published there and anyone who want to get it will click to pay and the money will come directly to your account. Now, my website is your shop and you will pay me rent for the online shop you rent. This is all about the website idea.


Let me mention these three things here. In this process of creating website which we will start almost immediately in the next page, you will pass through two things:

  1. Web Hosting Site
  2. Cpanel
  3. WordPress: In fact, na inside WordPress you go sleep day and night. Even this page your are reading from was done with wordpress.

Do not kill yourself trying to know what Cpanel and wordpress is. We shall discuss about it in the next page. But if you want to be a research guru, the chief do-it-yourself master, you will leave here and go to google and type “what is cpanel”, “what is wordpress”. Like I have said, everything is already online.

Where Can I host My Website?

Hosting is the first step after you already know the name to use for your website. So, to start your own website, straight to a hosting company website. So, now, start thinking of the name you will use for your website because I will need you to use it in episode II.


There are several hosting companies that can host your files for you online. But as a Nigerian, I only patronize Nigerian products. The one I use is Whogohost, based in Lagos. You must click the link below to see the list and know them before we move ahead.






Oga malpractice, you did not click the link. Oya, go back and read. See body when you want take manage website. Lols. Nothing much. Just click and know the names of companies that host websites in Nigeria.


Ok, if you already did, let us move ahead.


How Much Will it Cost me to Host and Develop a Website?

Ok, here we go. To host a website depends on the plan, the bandwidth size you want and the duration you wish to pay for. The one I hosted 5th of April was N15,025.38 only. This is the amount for the size I bought. Now, there are smaller packages that will be around N8,000 and there are those that are higher.


Then, there are themes you may want to purchase to make your site look good. Using ordinary WordPress may not be fanciful enough to make the website look professional. All these will be secondary issues later.




As we come to the end of this first lesson, I want to thank you for taking out the time to read it all. This shows that you are ready to start the goldmind journey of internet marketing.

Straight ahead, the second episode will be to host directly without much talks. But know that there will be breaks for you to watch some videos to enable you have a better idea of the whole process. Seeing creates more magnetic learning. Seeing what you are doing gives you a better understanding.

Explainer videos are very important in website creation.


Are you tired already? Ok, take some break, come back later and start episode II by clicking the link below, otherwise, fire ahead.

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