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Academic financial needs these days are overwhelming students and gulping much of sponsor’s income. Within the university’s environment, cost of school fees in multifarious communities, accommodation, feeding, health, amongst other financial requirements are getting out of the reach of the common man.

Consequently, the need to actually sit down, check carefully and plan for anticipated academic cost has never been so exigent. In the recent past, we have seen students gaining admission, seeing their school fees, expressing shock at the cost of the tuition fees, ignoring/rejecting the admission and going back to write Jamb again to seek for admission into another University with a lower school fees.

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All these are as a result of inadequate plans and a shortfall in the understanding of one’s future career endeavour and cost implications.

Emerald believes that a better approach towards educational pursuit is by planning and knowing the future cost of fees and saving accordingly. This is to ensure our wards experience a triumphant entry into the academic community.

How to Get Emerald Students MPCS School Fees Loans

Emerald offers you a trusted platform to search and inquire of possible future fees and help you save according to your financial strength.

In the academic world ahead of us, educational outcomes will be measured in accordance with how prepared we are and those who measured up to the financial task will fare better.

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Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme
Business/Marketing Educator (M.Sc. In V.)

Emerald – Chairman’s Note

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What We Are Doing to Protect Emerald Students’ MPCS


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