Thank You







Welcome to our Corporate Social Responsibility Portal

In the business environment, we see giving back as a way of saying thank you to the society that has given us so much. We see giving back as a way of revolving wealth round the community. True we have made profits from doing business with you, and whatever we do with our profits is our own business. Nonetheless, we perceive that in order for business to continue to be profitable, interesting and beneficial to the community at large, we must give back to the society that has given us so much.

What we intend to do

Last year, our business was just growing, we couldn’t do much. Even so, we strove to register JAMB for three persons. Along the line, we couldn’t meet up. We could only register one. Pathetic right? Or so it seemed. This year, we have decided that since business has increased, and you parents and students out there had patronized us so well, we have decided to increase that number to 10. Yes! 10. This time around, we shall do all we can to make it happen. But we cant do it all by ourselves without your continued patronage. Should business continue as it is, it is mostly certain that we shall make good our promise.

Updates will be released from time to time as to when this programme will start. Until then, keep on patronizing us.

We thank you so much for the journey so far.


Michael O. Jules
Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME