Or You Simply Write UTME And Post UTME Examinations?

In any case, many students do really write examinations for writing sake. That is why after writing their examinations, they simply go home waiting for results or admission lists to be posted/released.

I believe you are very familiar with the Nigerian election system.

Have you ever seen anyone who contested an election and on the day of the election went to sleep? Of course, you know what will happen already. He will not only lose the election but also develop a heart attack. This is because machinery has been put in place by the opponent to steal election materials, bribed their way to subvert results and so on.

So, you see?
The period after your examination is the most crucial time to track all the processes that go on around the school management.
Granted, many persons will get admission while they are asleep like me. I never pursued my admission. But currently, the Nigerian system is now flawed that “scratch my back, I scratch your back” is now the order of the day.
So, you must perform well and also track the admission process so that you can do anything that is necessary along the line to have upper hand.

Do you even know that admission now is granted not only by your university but both by JAMB?

Yes, the current system is called CAPS (Centralized Admission Processing System).
This is to say after your University must have completed their list of students to be granted admission, they are required by law to send this list to JAMB. JAMB will then ratify the list. In ratifying, JAMB may remove names that are deemed not qualified.

So, even if the Vice-Chancellor is your brother and you scored below cut-off and he added your name and sent to JAMB, JAMB will see that you are not qualified and either remove your name or change your course to another course that demands lower qualification especially from Law to Agriculture. Can you imagine!

Not admitted last year? Oh oh.

What if I find the perfect solution for you?

Once Jamb is satisfied with the list, they will send it back to the University and it is only then that the University can upload their list. So, if you University has released any batch, know that this process has been passed. This process has to be repeated in all the different batches.
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