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The Niger Delta University has numerous policies and regulations it uses to run the university. These policies are spread across several of its papers, documents, bulletins, memos special releases, radio announcements, speeches, etc.

One of these policies is the Niger Delta University’s School Fees Payment Policy. These School Fees policies are becoming more pronounced in recent times owing to huge shortfall in school fees payment amongst students.

Why Do You Have Just Two Weeks to Pay Your Acceptance, Clearance and School Fees?

The NDU school fees payment policy states that all students are expected to pay up their school fees 2 weeks into first semester of any session. However, for newly admitted students, their school fees payment is 2 weeks from the date of admission irrespective of whether they have resumed or not.

Originally, as stated by Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumekumo, Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University, once a student could not meet up within the 2 weeks, another 2 weeks grace is added.

Behind The Scenes: The Real Issues Prompting the No-Fees-No-Exams-Policy

After that 2 weeks grace period, late enrolment fee is added to the original school fees. However, this policy has seen changes in recent times. As management continue to observe students’ school fees payment behavioural patterns, they modulate the policy accordingly.

For newly admitted students, it is possible that management may give them more time. In the 2020/2021 admission year, management sent admissions withdrawal warning 4 times over a period of 3 months, 2 days from first warning. This means that although newly admitted students have 2 weeks to pay their fees, it is possible that management can extend the date as seen in 2020/2021 academic session. Please click the link below to read more. 

NDU Admissions Withdrawal Behaviour: What Freshmen, Sponsors Must Know

Starting from December, 2022, the NDU management modulated its school fees policy for all students (with a special focus on returning students) that students who haven’t paid their school fees up till the current year are not eligible to write their examinations. This policy was implemented to the later as students who haven’t paid their fees and registered their courses were actually restricted from writing examinations.

 Although there was no stated alternative for those who are likely to miss even their supplementary exams as a result of the policy, however, it is likely that they will defer their studies and start the level again in the next session.

A Review Of NDU’s No-Fees-No Exam Policy

These policies are very central to the operations of the Niger Delta University and it is very important that they are amplified and published to the generality of the public especially the freshers on time.

Timely knowledge of these policies will help both the management and students to overcome the challenges of abrupt policy implementation which often result to face-off between both parties and consequent shutdown of the university.

Published by:
Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme
A & U Ng