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Have you been admitted?


But you were given just two weeks to pay ALL your fees. NDU did not even allow you to finish your celebration before they gave you deadline to pay up your fees. You may wonder, why 2 weeks?


Ok, here is the thing. In the university, you are not recognized if you have not registered. That is why the admissions came with the word PROVISIONAL. Hence, it isn’t your right but it is provided for you and can be withdrawn.

So, for the university to know you, you have to be totally registered. This total registration includes the acceptance fee payment, the clearance, school fees, departmental verification and Faculty file opening.

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So, once you have opened your Faculty file, then the university have known you. You can write  your exams, see your results, engage in all the activities in the school, and even when VC dey share jollof rice, you too go chop.

But if you fail to meet up, your admission will be withdrawn. Why the management is doing this is to save admissions. Many admitted students may have changed their minds, maybe to another school or they have decided not to go to school again.

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Some other candidates, their sponsors may not be able to pay their fees. Some other candidates just want to use the school to catch cruise. Their own is to test how admission looks like. After their admissions, VC will not even see them again. They will just disappear into thin air.

Again, there are students in final year now, they have not even paid their 100 level school fees. Some haven’t even paid their acceptance fees. One just messaged me days back that he is in final year and want to pay fees from 100 level. So how did management manage to get money to prepare exams for him? This is the issue. Management do not want this to happen again. So, they attack the issue in 100 level.

In previous sessions when admissions were not withdrawn, many candidates who were ready to go to school, admissions will not reach them, but those who are not ready are gaining admissions.

Consequently, the only way to know that you are ready is to pay ALL your fees. Then management will know that those who haven’t paid are not ready. So, instead of wasting the admissions like in the past, it will be withdrawn and given to others who are ready, eager and waiting for admissions.

I hope this explanation enter you. Because una dey like explanations well well.

So when next you hear that NDU is about to withdraw admissions, do not panic. It is only those who are not ready financially and may not even accept their admissions that the university will withdraw their admissions.

For more details, acceptance, clearance and school fees payment, kindly visit the A & U Ng Smart Office @1 NDU Road, Beside Main Campus Gate, Amassoma or call/WhatsApp 08060699054