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Every admission year, news of freshers who were scammed of their hard earned money or charged exorbitantly often surface online and in the office. Therefore, this material is meant to intimate newly admitteds on why scammers always find their way to them successfully and made away with their money.
Like I always preach in most of my publications, admission period are fraudulent period. The admission circles are fraught with fraud by mercenaries who pose to be staff and admission merchants and café persons who constitute serious problems to the university community.
Below are some of the reasons why scammers may get away with your money successfully:
1. Cheap Articles: Oftentimes, when scammed victims come to the office to report cases of fraud or exorbitant charges, they often report that they were offered cheap prizes. However, there is nothing as cheap prize in admission and clearance payments. What may be different however are the lists of services offered.
What I have discovered over the years is that some small cafes offering smaller/cheaper amounts do not offer some of the services bigger cafes like the A & U Ng offers. Some of them may also intentionally remove certain fees to be paid to make the list cheaper. Hence, they omit those extra services and makes their charges looks cheap.
So, who doesn’t want cheap article? But sooner or later, you start paying all those small charges you dodged earlier and that stress can be painful. Some students have to be calling their parents every now and then for one charge or the other. Something a full list would have solved.
Most painfully, some of these persons doing this are very cunning. They don’t tell you everything you need to know and most of them end up not even completing the job you paid for.
2. Trying to make profit from your school money/cutting corners: Some of the candidates are born crooks. Daddy gave you N40,000 to pay acceptance and you are looking for where they pay N30,000 for acceptance. Oh sorrow! I pity your daddy because he must pay twice because some of these scammers will be nowhere to be found after you have been given fake 30k acceptance receipt. Once you are given your school money, kindly go to a well known office to do all your school work. Please do not cut corners.
3. Dealing with persons/agents without offices: The worst thing that can happen to your school money as a newly admitted student is dealing with someone online when you have not been able to identify his/her office. Like, why will you send money to someone for your school work and you don’t even have their confirmed offices? You will surely do Christmas for some niggas this early.
4. Lack of money: It is understood that the economy is hard, so you may not have the funds to pay all N86,500 for total acceptance and the additional huge school fees. This may force you to follow people who are offering some sort of services that can be of help to you. Please, be careful and be sure of what you are doing first. Because if you take a wrong step, you will end up paying twice.
5. Friends coming to you as if they want to help: Scam outcome often start from cheaper cost. Some friends will come to you claiming they know better. That they have a place your school work can be done better for you. If you do not shine your eyes, you will pay double.
6. Sending money to a student to do your work: If you have an old student in school assisting you, I passionately advise against sending money to him/her unless he is the direct café person processing your works. Many students are indebted and whence such cash entered their hands, of course, you know they have to feel alright first before doing your works. There are too many cases of such here in NDU.
7. Dealing with small business/inexperienced outfits: Sometimes, your problem may not be fraud or scam but errors in the process of the work. Once admitted, you will see a paragraph in your admission information page where the NDU management advise all newly admitteds to use only experienced cafes. This warning is not just a mere warning. Inexperienced cafes can make payments and may be debited without the work being successful. Should this happens to them while processing your work, you will be on your own.
These are the few reasons I can pinpoint now. However, there are other multiple reasons why your money can get lost as a newly admitted student. So, just ensure to shine your eyes.
I believe this material will be of immense help to you if you carefully study it as information contained here are based on past and current happenings. To avoid stories that touch, you can decide to process all your school fees and charges at the A & U Ng Smart Office.
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