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This material is a continuation of the previous publication on “newly admitted students: see why scammers always get away with your money”.

Newly Admitted Students: See Why Scammers Always Get Away With Your Money

In this continuation, lets talk about what you can do to avoid loss of money during admissions, acceptance and clearance.

  1. Deal with an office: One of your greatest strength against scams, fraud and loss of school monies during admissions is dealing with an office. So how does dealing with an office help you? For one thing, a business entity that has an office MAY have been registered, well known, reputed and have good financial management principles that is keeping their businesses.

It also makes it easier to get someone to hold responsible if loss comes in. If you pay to an office rather than a person and business issues comes up, what you do is report to the police or school security and they just walk up to the office and invite the management of such office.

What happens when you pay money to an individual without portfolio/office? He can travel out of town, out of the reach of the security personnel and even when you report, the police have no one to hold responsible for your loss.

So, you can see why dealing with an office is very imperative. Do not make that mistake of dealing with roadside persons IF you value your school and clearance fees. Protect it, so you don’t pay twice as a result of loss.

  1. Do not seek for too cheap prizes: It is normal that you may want to avoid people who want to charge you exorbitantly and in a bid to show that you are not a JJC, you may want to be careful and check out for a better prize. When doing this, understand that there are some impossible prizes meant to get you. Kindly avoid those charges.

Be informed that during clearance, many lists will emerge online. Sometimes, some items may not even be properly captured like acceptance e-pin generation. Whereas, there is nothing of such. What we have is profile creation which we at the A & U Ng Smart Office do not even charge.

When you are given a cheaper list, kindly take out time to compare both list and see the difference in the list. Do not just conclude that one is cheap and one is costly. This will help you take a better decision.

  1. Do not deal with people you have not met offline or confirmed their identity: There are many fake Facebook accounts these days more than ever before. If you transfer your school fees to a person chatting you on Facebook while you have not met them physically nor confirmed their physical identity, you will have yourself to be blamed. Once money get to them, they can block you and you have no one to run to.
  2. Always deal with one person you already know/trust: If you already have a business centre you are doing your business, always continue to do business there. No matter the challenge, stay with a trusted person because safety of your funds is more important than any other consideration. Only change your resource persons when there is need for that.
  3. Do all your works in school: Some of you already have some cafes doing your works at home. If you allow cafes at home to handle your clearance and any issues occur, you will have to go to the ICT to queue up to resolve the issue. IT may be double wahala for you. So always deal with experienced and trusted personnel in the school community to handle your works.

We also took to the NDU social media space to get views of older students on what freshers can do to avoid scam. Here are some advice from the public:

  1. Know your NDU fees login details and also confirm each receipt
  2. Ask from a friend who is already in the system to show you way. That was what helped me.
  3. You just need to be observant of the people you make deals with in campus and off campus
  4. Don’t just send money, also confirm
  5. Always ask questions
  6. Asking questions and being observant
  7. Don’t give money to any café man with the assurance that he will make payments later. Better sit down there with him until he pays and gives you receipt.
  8. Every department and Faculty have specifications for doing things. Because your friends or roommate told you how theirs in other department is done doesn’t mean yours is also same. Try to visit your department office at least once to create an atmosphere of first hand information. You go pay for wetin no concern you because you hear person talk am.

So guys, this is where I draw the curtains on this material. I sincerely hope this material meets you well.

Meanwhile, checkout our 2022/2023 updated clearance list below. This is the amount all newly admitted students will pay for 100 level clearance. Then add your school fees to know the total you are paying.