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The Niger Delta University has fully implemented its policy of no-fees-no-examinations in its 2021/2022 first semester examinations.

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The no-fees-no-exam policy simply means that all students who wished to write their examinations must pay their school fees till date and register their courses as both school fees receipts and courses enrolments forms were requested before entry into examinations halls.

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Management was hell-bent on the policy as those with only school fees receipts were returned to print their courses enrolments.

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This policy was made known in the University’s special release signed by the registrar, Mr. Benjamin Joffa and published on the 21st of December, 2022 and later amplified in January, 2023.

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The university is concerned with poor students’ disposition towards payment of fees and it is affecting the management of the university. The university had often sighted poor government’s funding and noted that to survive, payment of fees has to be promptly made.

While addressing the 2021/2022 matriculants in the NDU 20th Matriculation, the Vice Chancellor re-echoed that students are expected to pay their fees 2 weeks into the new session and until you pay your fees and register your courses, you are not eligible to write ant examinations.

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The NDU had in recent times introduces strict fees policy with the no-fees-no-exams policy at the helm of it all.

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Since the announcement of the no-fees-no-exams policy, the university’s students representatives (Students’ Management Interface Committee, SMIC) has been at the top of the matter, dialoguing with management to see how the situation can be controlled.

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After all dialogue with management and students’ bodies failed to bring down the policy unless for partial considerations, the policy was fully implemented in the 2021/2022 first semester examinations which commenced in February 6th, 2023.

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Seeing that most students will be disadvantaged, the students disrupted the examinations on Monday 13th February, 2023.

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In an attempt to arrest the situation, management released a notice stating late February 13th, 2023, directing all students to focus on their examinations as all exams will commence the next day as scheduled.

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The next day, 14th February, 2023, protest brewed again, disrupting the peace of the examinations. The protest was geared towards allowing all students to write examinations.

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The third day of protest was on the 15th January, 2023 when the school was finally shutdown by the university after the Committee of Provost and Deans (CPD) met at Law Faculty, Yenagoa on the same day.

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Information gathered from management personnel revealed that management is concerned with the behaviour of students towards payment of their school fees. Management laments students squandering their fees, some delaying their fees and others not willing to make any tangible move towards clearing their fees.

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Management is also lamenting shortage of funds in the management of the school while huge fees are left in the hands of students. Management belief that only policies like the no-fees-no-exams could push students to pay up their fees.

With the prevailing circumstances, it is hard to think that management will renege on its current policy. Students are now waiting for management to take their next move as it is believed that the matter is now a State government affair.

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So far, many persons have expressed their views on the matter with many supporting management that all students should try and meet up their payments. For instance, members of the NDU Parent Association held that it is imperative to pay fees to enable the management effectively manage the school.

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Students are also divided on double lanes with some insisting on payments and others asking for sympathy and more time.

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A week after the protest, the university community still remain shut down even as the management have declared 2 weeks break to enable students go home for the elections to hold.


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