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This year has been so daunting for businesses especially in Amassoma. Just as March, 2020 marks the start of the pandemic and the beginning of a seemingly horror movie for businesses in the local community, that is how February, 2022 reminds business owners of the beginning of chaotic business era.
Owning a business in a school environment comes with a lot of challenges that business owners have to deal with. From February 14th, 2022 till date, business owners have been striving to survive.
From zero patronage caused by ASUU 9 months strike to flood problems right down to skyrocketing cost of living, there is no other word to describe the situation than hell itself.
In the midst of all of these, there s no shying away from the fact that students’ fees kept in the hands of third parties (especially café owners) for processing may have been utilized for survival.
These are issues that are seldom discussed in the public sphere. However, as a figure whose opinion matters in the local environment, I deem it fit to write.
So, what if your school fees has been used by the person you gave your school fees to process? What should you do?
Kindly note however, that this material is an educational material for anyone on both sides who may have been involved in school fees saga.
1. Machines do not manage businesses, human does; and when times of business challenges comes up, the humans managing the businesses must survive on anything available.
2. It should be an understandable issue that businesses have been shut down for nine months, hence, debt is inevitable.
3. It s normal for businesses to be indebted. In fact, many businesses are more indebted than you know. Debt is a major part of business operations.
4. If someone you gave your school fees is giving you too many excuses, that is a sign to be bothered about.
5. If you have established that your school fees has been used, try to express understanding that business have been bad these period. You may sit down and discuss issues when next your fees can be raised and paid.
6. Do not involve the police of security at first. Try to follow the person up. Things may work out fine soon enough.
7. If he/she starts avoiding you, try your best to get n contact. If avoidance persist beyond your control, hand over the matter to school security or the Police.
8. If you are a trustee, endeavour to get in touch with your creditors.
9. Do not make the mistake of avoiding calls. Your problem will start from there.
10. Give promises, give hopes even when you know it will take a little longer to fulfill.
11. Be available at all time, work hard to overcome the challenges of the business downturn. Do not let the hard times overwhelm you.
12. Things will get a little messy should it get to security agencies and it spoils your business name. Endeavour to keep your customers from using that means by being in touch.
13. You are not the only one indebted. The whole community is indebted but that is not a matter we can discuss here.
14. As school resume, find ways to increase business. If patronage is high, your debt can be cleared in no time.
15. Do not resort to fraud and deception. It will get back at you.
16. Debt pressure can cause you a lot of hypertension. Ensure you do not lose your balance. Some persons in the past had committed suicide as a result of business indebtedness.
The bottom line is that you as a student whose fees has been used must try and exercise patience before involving police. You as someone who used a student’s fees must ensure you give quality assurance that all indebtedness will be cleared soonest. You must make yourself available at all time.
If we play safe, we will all be fine at the end.
It is well with you all.