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The Acceptance fees and school fees for University of Africa, Toru-Orua is divided into two which is for Science non-science. The UAT school fees and acceptance fees are as follows:

UAT School Fees for Non-Science

School Fee: N130,000

UAT Acceptance Fees for Non-Science

Acceptance N20,000

UAT School Fees for Science

School Fee: N130,000

UAT Acceptance Fees for Science

Acceptance N20,000

UAT Lab Fee for Science


Total Cost of UAT Clearance, Acceptance and School Fees for Science and Non-Science


1. School Fee: 130,000
2. Acceptance 20,000
3. Jamb Result: N2,500
4. Jamb Admission Letter: N2,500
5. General Processing fee: N5,000
Total: 160,000

For Science

1. School Fee: 130,000
2. Acceptance: 20,000
3. Lab Fee: 25,000
4. Jamb Result: N2,500
5. Jamb Admission Letter: N2,500
6. General Processing fee: N5,000
Total 185,000
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