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List of Courses for University of Africa, Toru-Orua (UAT)
The University of Africa, Toru-Orua has four Faculties and 29 courses ranging from Agriculture to Management Sciences. The list of courses is as follows:
1. List of Courses for UAT Faculty of Agriculture
a. B. Agric.: Agricultural Economics and Extension Services
b. B. Agric.: Animal Production and Health
c. B. Agric.: Crop, Soil and Pest Management
d. B. Agric.: Fisheries and Aquaculture
e. B. Agric.: Hotel Management and Tourism
2. List of Courses for UAT Faculty of Arts and Education
a. B. A.: History and International Studies
b. B. A.: Linguistics and Nigerian Language
c. B. Ed.: Educational Management
d. B. Ed.: Guidance and Counselling
e. B. Ed.: Education
f. B. Ed.: English and Literary Studies
g. B. Ed.: Curriculum and Instruction Studies
h. B. Ed.: Educational Technology
i. B. Ed.: Early Child Education
j. B. Ed.: Theatre and Film Studies
3. List of Courses for UAT Faculty of Social and Management Science
a. B.Sc.: Accounting
b. B.Sc.: Banking and Finance
c. B.Sc.: Business Administration
d. B.Sc.: Economics
e. B.Sc.: Mass Communication
f. B.Sc.: Political Science
g. B.Sc.: Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
h. B.Sc.: Public Administration
4. List of Courses for UAT Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
a. B.Sc.: Biology
b. B.Sc.: Microbiology
c. B.Sc.: Chemistry
d. B.Sc.: Biochemistry
e. B.Sc.: Computer Science
f. B.Sc.: Physics
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