If you are coming to Yenagoa or Amassoma/NDU for the first time, you may be wondering about the safety of the road as kidnapping and armed robbery has become a regular occurrence in Nigerian highways.

So, how safe is Amassoma road and all roads leading to Yenagoa? This publication has been made to answer requests of visitors especially the NDU and FUO Post UTME candidates coming to the state for the first time.

If you are also thinking of taking a flight to the Bayelsa International Airport, is that also safe? What are the safety ratings of these places?

Amassoma is Safe

Amassoma is Safe

Well, to get to the root of the matter, the Yenagoa roads, both FUO, NDU and the Bayelsa Airport are all very safe. There has been no single case of militant activities nor kidnappings in the roads.

To add to it, the NDU/Amassoma road is very smooth and it is a nice ride from Yenagoa to Amassoma without holdups, cases of robberies and kidnappings.

This is same with the Bayelsa Airport road which linked up with the Amassoma road halfway back to Yenagoa from where you can access major transport vehicles going to all corners of the country.

However, the FUO/Otuoke road is not as smooth as that of the NDU but is manageable as repairs are always ongoing.

If you are travelling through the Bayelsa International airport and you need a cab/taxi to take you from the airport to Yenagoa or to wherever you want, kindly reach us on +2348060699054.