Does Error Name Affect Admission? Are you bothered that if your name appears differently in various documents or the order are not the same, that you will not be granted admission? There are severe disadvantages in having different/inconsistent names across your documents. But does this make universities to deny you admission?

No. Name Errors Does Not Affect Admission (Does Error Name Affect Admission)

No matter how bad your name appears in different documents, be rest assured that name errors does not affect admission. Even if unfortunately, you did not gain admission, have the assurance that it wasn’t as a result of your name errors. The admission will surely come no matter the errors.

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This is because during the admission period, name coherence is not a parameter considered by Jamb CAPS or the universities’ admissions offices to grant admissions (although it is possible that some institutions may do this).

Are There No Disadvantages In Name Errors During Admission? (Does Error Name Affect Admission)

Yes, there are severe consequences including losing the admission you just gained. While name errors does not stop admission, it will make you lose admission. Although whether you will lose the admission or not will depend on the severity of the name inconsistencies.

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When Will The Name Problem Starts During The Admission? (Does Error Name Affect Admission)

Name problem will not affect NIN registration. It will not affect Jamb registration. It does not affect during post utme registration. It will not affect you when admission has started. The problem will not even start during online clearance for those institutions doing online clearance before physical clearance.

The problem will start when you go to your department/faculty for physical verification. The officer will check all your document and ask you why you decided to use Barrack Obama in WAEC, George Bush in age declaration, Hilary Clinton in you LGA, Obasanjo in your NIN and president Putin in your Jamb.

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This is where your crying is likely to start. It is a very soured experience. I hope you scale through. I suffered same in 2009 when I got admission too but I scaled through. However, the system has changed drastically and things are tighter.

What Are The Likely Consequences? (Does Error Name Affect Admission)

  1. When the problem is merely a name order problem, you may be asked to swear affidavit. For instance, if your surname appears before first name in one document and comes last in another document. In this case, this is not really an error but just an order issue. Some universities will not even stress you. They will just ignore it. At most, you will swear affidavit.
  2. If it is one name that is missing in one or two document, you may be required to visit a national newspaper like Vanguard, Punch, etc. and publish correction of your name in addition to an affidavit. You can be pardoned.
  3. Where Your WAEC and your NIN/Jamb do not match at all, or only one name linked both documents, you are in trouble. See the example below:

WAEC: Julius Ahwusi Obruche

Then during NIN registration, I realized I needed to use a correct name and I did not ask properly, I then used:

NIN/JAMB: Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme

Take not that the same name you used in NIN will also appear automatically in Jamb. So recently, NIN and Jamb name are automatically the same.

Can you see that the name in WAEC and NIN/Jamb above did not relate to one person? These are the set of candidates with name errors that lose their admissions. Only Julius linked the two documents. This is a very big issue. Take a look at a post I made in NDU Latest News on April 23rd, 2021 in my response to a name case I handled:


We just handled a case of a newly admitted student who used a particular set of name in WAEC. Coming to JAMB, she changed two of the name, leaving only one. That the name in the WAEC was incorrect. When she went for verification after admission, she was turned down that she is using another person’s result since the name in WAEC and Jamb are different.

We referred her to Jamb and then to WAEC. Of course, the JAMB name was correct and cannot be changed. At the WAEC office, she was told that the name cannot be corrected. Finally, we wrote to the Registrar’s office. The Registrar’s office held that the WAEC is seen as another person’s result and not hers since only one name linked her there.

This was how the admission was forfeited. Now, she has to apply for Jamb again using the WAEC name or write both WAEC and Jamb again. Please, ensure all your name are same in all your documents.


Click the link to view the original post here

I believe this post has enlightened you extensively. These are the types of post you come across when you use our platforms for all admissions issues.

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