Have you heard of the phrase “Engine Boys?” If you have, sure you must have been familiar with the characteristics of Engineering Boys that brought about that phrase.

Engineering boys across various institutions are well known for specific behaviours, attitudes, activities, etc. that sets them apart from other Faculties. The Niger Delta University Engine Boys are not excluded from this trend.

Let’s look 10 characteristics that made the Engine boys so different from all other Faculties.

1. All Male Faculty:

The Engineering Faculty is a male dominant Faculty. Unlike other Faculties with a fair mix of female students, the Engineering Faculty has more male students than female students. Males are more likely to be violent than females and where males are gathered during heated academic issues, it may degenerate into chaos. Please refer here.

NDU Students Protest against Closure of School Fees Portal and Uniform Identification

2. Duration of Studies:

The most notable Engineering students causing mayhem in times of troubles are those whom must have overstayed the university. The Engineering programme takes 5 years to graduate. Some had extra year issues even up to 4 years. In 2009, I was told a story of one guy whom has been in the school for 9 years. He was very notorious and causing issues always. Management always do what they can to ensure students in this category are graduated as soon as possible. Although other programmes like Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy also takes 5 years, they are however, too tasking to give anyone time to misbehave. There are hardly unserious students left in those medical areas.

3. Population:

Engineering Faculty in most universities have the highest population. In the Niger Delta University, aside the Faculty of Education which is rated ahead of Engineering by way of numbers, the Engineering Faculty is the next most populated Faculty. This strength in numbers gives it the power to easily gather crowds when the need arise.

4. Carries More Weight in School:

Once any issue is on ground and Engineering Boys are involved, it is most likely the students will win. The issues resulting to the July 2021 NDU Uniform protest also got to a riot protest in the fronts of Engineering doors. The VC has been visiting Faculties and making the same announcements. But this time, it seems it is not all announcements that entered your mouth that you take to Engineering. If you know, you know. But if you don’t gerrit, then go to Engineering Faculty and shout SCHOOL FEES HAS BEEN INCREASED. God bless your soul afterwards.

5. MPC Law:

The MPC law was one frustrating law that states that if you do not pass Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 100 level, you cannot graduate to 200 level. Many students who are now in senior classes did not even know if they passed MPC courses because they haven’t paid their school fees and haven’t seen their results. Some will later know they fail MPC in 400 level and return back to 100 level. Some will just decide to leave the school altogether. The frustration of MPC Law even led to the NDU May 2016 protest also known as the Engine Boys protest or the MPC Law protest.

The Almighty MPC Law in Niger Delta University: What Freshers Must Know

6. Ignorance:

Some persons are of the school of thought that Engineering Boys are not actually people to be dreaded as they are peace loving people. They believe that it is out of mere perception and stereotype that made people believe that Engine Boys are to be feared.

7. The Upper and the Lower Levels:

People who tries to explain the Engine Boys concepts believe that the fear is a consequence of the junior students. Students in upper levels are more matured and have serious academic issues to attend to but the junior boys are the problem who comes in with the mentality that as an Engine Boy, you need to be rugged.

8. Cultism Behaviour:

Opinions and behaviours likened to be of cultism also compound the already spoilt situation. Various students asserted that the cultist characteristics of some Engineering students also contribute to the name Engine Boys.

9. Don’t Like to be Oppressed (Bravery):

Engine boys are naturally brave. They wouldn’t allow oppressive policies. You do anyhow, you see anyhow, so choose wisely. They are also very cooperative in their actions.

10. Mere Mindset:

As noted by some contributors, the ruggedness of the Engine Boys is a mere mindset that newcomers come with. They have the mindset that I have to behave like an Engine Boy. So, the mindset is just there. But whence they approach senior classes, they soon realized that they need to be serious.

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