As we continue to operate and do business, there is every possibility that we will get it right and continue to bring out various forms of benefits for our members. These benefits will be applied without recourse to who is still n school or not.

Hence, when giveaways becomes possible, even as a graduate of 5 years, we shall still reach you and forward your reward to you. In the future, we believe our promos will become thicker and the reward will be higher unlike the 5,000 giveaways we currently do.

At Emerald, we are looking at the long term plans and not really today. So, we encourage you to keep on doing business with us so that we can grow and do better tomorrow.

As a senior student, you have to ensure you keep on doing business with us. This is because our promos both at Emerald and A & U Ng are also position to benefit graduates. Starting from December, 2021, our promo records will span into the next decades. Covering graduates of more than 10 years back in the future.

So now you know. Keep on doing business with us and stand a chance to win benefits from Emerald and the A & U Ng.

We appreciates every of your patronage.

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