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In order to ensure proper recording of our manual records, various records are entered to ensure no transaction is left untreated. Improper recording brings about traction disparity which may create loopholes in our dealings. Hence, the Emerald have various records in its operations. The following are the records you should be aware of:

1. Deposit Ledger

The deposit ledger is our major record for recording deposits. As deposit comes in, they are recorded. Items captures are dates, serial number, names, channel of deposits (transfer/cash?), receiving officer and amount. It is from this record that total deposit for a period is drafted.

2. Drawings Ledger

This record contains all expenses. Just as deposits comes in, do does drawings comes in. Members draw from their accounts, complete their school fees and get it paid, etc. All these expenses are entered in the drawings ledger.

3. Membership Records

The Emerald also have a record for a list of its members. This records collects serial number which is the membership number, names of members, phone number, date of registration and payment of membership fees.

4. Loan Records

This record captures loans beneficiaries. Their names, amount borrowed, interest, collection date, due dates and monitors the repayments.

5. Member Cards

This is of course the card under the care of Emerald members. Just as we have our deposit ledger, so also the card is the member’s copy of the deposits. The card carries dates, amount and signature of receiving officer.

6. Backup Files Records

Records are often affected by fire, weather, humans, etc. As a result, problems may arise. To avoid this, the Emerald back up its records to ensure proper referencing when needed.

7. Membership Forms Records

All members, aside from the membership ledger also fill forms either offline or online. The offline forms are filed and kept safely for future references.

8. Loans Application Forms Records

When members are applying for loans, they are handed a loan application forms to fill. Once filled, these forms are ratified and signed as a proof of approval. These files are kept for future references.

9. Guarantor’s Forms Records

To be careful and protect Emerald from non-repayment of loans, the cooperative ensures responsible guarantors are provided. A file of these guarantors are kept for proper reporting/recording.

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