As a student, as you grow in the academic ladder, you may be requested to write a letter to a particular office to either seek for an information, granted permission/access to something or resolve a particular issue.

Letters written to management are purely official letters. Here, let us discuss some of the letters you may/may have write/written as a University student.

1. Letter of Attestation

The letter of attestation is one of the very first letter you will write as a University freshman. When you first gained admission and completing your clearance, the University MAY request for a letter of Attestation or something similar. In the letter, the attester, who is probably your relative or someone who knows you, state that you will be of good conduct and will not constitute a nuisance to the environment/community/organization.

If you click this link, you will learn more about how to write attestation letters.

How To Write Attestation Letter for Different Purposes?

How to Write A Letter of Attestation

The following letter of attestation sample will be helpful for you.

No. 182, Gana/Omovovwe Road,
Delta State.

The Vice Chancellor,
Niger Delta University,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State.


Letter of Attestation

I, Mr. Moses Obomena, of Agbarha-Otor Community, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, Father to the bearer, Moses Oghenerukevwe, a newly admitted student to your institution, with Jamb Registration Number 89954304JK, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science, hereby attest as follows:

  1. that the bearer, Moses Oghenerukevwe who is a female and Christian is my Daughter.
  2. that she was graciously granted admission to study Sociology in your institution.
  3. that she is well brought up with good moral standing and will not in any way constitute nuisance to your institution but rather, contribute to the peace of the community.
  4. that I made this solemn declaration without duress but under healthy body, soul and mind.
  5. that in the event of any breach, I should be held responsible.

Thank you.

Mr. Moses Obomena

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2. Letter of Good Conduct

A letter of good conduct is almost same as attestation letter. In both, you are expected to state and be in charge of the behaviour of the ward/student, promising that his/her behaviour will be good. In 2016, when the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, Nigeria students went on protest and destroyed school properties, students were told to download a letter of good conduct and take it to court to sign. However, if you were to be the one to write it for yourself or someone, then you can use the format below:

Sample of a Letter of Good Conduct

Letter of Good Conduct

I, Eserophe Ikpibako, a student of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Basic Medical Science, with matriculation number UG/09/2020, hereby state as follows:

  • that all through my stay in this institution, I will be law and abiding
  • that I will not take part in any form of protest; I will not partake, instigate nor fuel it but to stay away from activities that causes (academic) disruption. (Only use the word ACADEMIC if you are in a university context.
  • that I should be held liable for any action taken in contrast to this declaration in 1 and 2 above.


Please, consider my declaration positively.

Many thanks

Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme

(Please, note that there are many ways you can pen this. For instance, you can even decide to remove the points and write in prose, as in straight paragraph. Again, if you are writing for someone, then change the sentences to reflect your presence.)

Again, do not bother writing too much. What is needed is one or two sentence stating the purpose of the letter and not plenty talks.

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3. Statutory Declaration

The statutory declaration is not really a letter in some instance. This is because it is the institution that prepares it, while you read, agrees to the terms in it, fill in your details and sign. The statutory declaration outlines the rules and regulations the university so want you to agree to.

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4. Letter for Change of Course

If you are granted admission in the university and you do not like the course given to you, you can write a letter to change your course. If your course is changed, and you like the new course, you will also write the same letter. Generally, a letter for a change of course is any letter written to appeal to management to change your course to another one.

How to Write a Letter for Change of Course?

Let us believe you know how to place your address and the address of the University, below is the body of the letter.

Letter for Change of Course

With reference to the subject matter overleaf, I, Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules, with Jamb Registration Number 89954304JK, newly admitted to study Theatre Arts, hereby apply that my course should be changed to Sociology.

This is because I do not sit for Literature in English in my O’level. (If this is not your reason for the change, then write your own reason here).

I anticipate a positive response.

Thank you.

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules

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5. Letter of Declaration

A letter of declaration is one where the writer states that he/she is responsible for a situation. The writer may also be demanded to declare that information submitted is correct and should be held responsible in the event of any mishaps/misinformation.

If you are sent to an office by a colleague to receive his/her original document, the officer may decline your collection in proxy. But if at all they will allow you, you may be requested to write a letter of declaration stating that you approve the proxy collection of your document. Below is a sample of a letter of declaration.

How to Write a Letter of Declaration

Believing you know how to place your address and the address of the recipient (a recipient in a letter is the person you are addressing the letter to), below is the body of the letter.

Letter of Declaration

I, Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules, a graduate of the Niger Delta University, with Matriculation Number UG/01/11**, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science hereby declare that my original certificate be given to my brother, Mr. Okiemute Ejomafuvwe.

I will be fully responsible for any eventuality.

Kindest regards

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules


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