There are few of us who holds on to properties that may never be used again as their relevance to us are dwindling each day. Aside from properties, we also have those who hold on to less important materials like packaging materials like floaters and cartons used to package electronics, etc.

Clutter is the collection of things that are kept in an untidy manner. It may be shoes, old clothes, remote control to various electronics, instruction manuals, receipts to electronics/transactions which are no more in existence/remembrance, spoilt/unused electronics, etc. If you have properties occupying space at home kept without any use, you may as well be unknowingly suffering from cluttering.

In the past, I have to ask a friend, what are you doing with that television carton up there? Is it of any use again? Confused, he said “I don’t even know why I kept it there”. Probably forgotten, the old television carton lies there, creating a sense of an overcrowded space.

The fact remains that almost all of us have a property that we may never use again; even if we do, we feel it is no longer important, carry the beauty it once did, carry less value or even totally decide thenceforth not to use it again.

However, despite the above, some persons are still subconsciously attached to those properties, so they find it hard to let go. This is where cluttering comes in. So, the space is replete with so many unused properties, taking space that would have been left open for aesthetics.

One very good way to avoid cluttering is stretching the importance, relevance and the need for continued use of a property. If you acquire a new electronics, you may want to keep the package for days or weeks just in case the electronics developed fault. Then it could be returned in same package you bought it. But as the electronics continued to function without any fault, you may want to dispose off all such materials taking up space.

While writing this material, I have to check my remote controls. Seven in number, 4 fully in use while 3 are seldom used. My decision to keep them is because they are still in use, otherwise, disposed.

Lets visit the wardrobe first. Some clothes you seldom use, if you give them to someone else, seeing it on them, you will be like, how come the cloth look new and nice? The truth is that you have used it for a long time and the cloth is no longer attractive to you.

So, lets check the room once more. What haven’t you used for the past year but still sitting there? Are you sure you are still going to use it again? I guess some space can be created if you check well.

You can dash some stuff out, destroy and dispose some while some could still be renewed. Whatever your case is, lets see how some space could be created in the room.

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