Court Judgement has favoured the Niger Delta University non-academic staff who were retrenched in May 2018 under the Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson civil service reforms on grounds of ghost workers and certificate forgery.

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Recall that in May, 2018, a list of 1,700 non-academic staff of the Niger Delta University were released to have been dropped following the then governments’ civil service reforms intended to sieve out ghost workers and staff found culpable or certificate forgery. For information on the civil service reforms, kindly checkout the links below:

Non academic staff of the Niger Delta University reject Bayelsa state government sack and transfer

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The process of the retrenchment was widely criticized as the Henry’s administration did not follow due process neither did it properly paid off retrenched workers, a situation that the staff vehemently opposed.

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Since the retrenchment, the NDU has suffered huge shortage of workers, with its management seeking ways to renegotiate staff strength and subvention to the university.

By Sheer Dint of Observation

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This has led to a 4 year court case which culminated in last Thursday judgment which rules that all sacked workers should be reinstated and all due backlog cleared.

Calls made to some staff of the university has confirmed the incident while expressing worries over the next course of action.

Updates on this issue will be published in our subsequent release.


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