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If you are a first time Jambite, you may be wondering the importance of the mock exam. Some may even want to skip it but afraid if it will affect their scores. Well, if you fall in this category, this information will help you through.

In this publication, you will understand the importance of the mock exam and determine if you should take it or not. Provided you are very sure of what you want since the bulk of the decision rest on your table.

Jamb offers mock examinations for its teeming applicants who applied for its yearly examinations. But what is mock examination?

 What is Jamb Mock Examinations? 

A mock examination is one where the marks may or may not count, which serves chiefly as practice for future exams or so that the teachers are able to set a grade before the end of term.

In those case, a Jamb mock examination is an exam that prepares Jambites to know and understands how the actual examination looks like.

In those days, Jamb examinations were pencil and paper based. Hence, there were no mock exams. It is believed that everyone has the knowledge of paper and biro examination, hence, no need for mock examinations.

However, with the introduction of the computer-based test (CBT), not many Jamb applicants are familiar with computer examinations. Some haven’t even operated computer before. Hence, the need to first of all attempt the computer examination through the mock examinations.

Hence, when you hear of Jamb mock examinations, it is meant for those who haven’t written a computer examination before and want to do so to ensure they do well in the real exam.

It is in this vein you say there was an option to participate in the examinations or not. Therefore, non-participation would not amount to any disadvantage.

The JAMB Mock Exam is a yearly examination conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) before the main UTME Exams. JAMB Mock exam aimed simply at exposing the candidates to the UTME TESTING MODE.

When is Jamb 2022/2023 Mock Examination?

Jamb has announced that its 2022/2023 mock examinations will commence April 9th, 2022. Although the Jamb mock exams will start April 9th, 2022 it is possible it can span more than one day.

Is Jamb Mock Examination Compulsory?

No. Jamb mock examination is 100% not compulsory but optional. This means even if you missed it, there is no penalty for it. There is no score attached to the Jamb mock examinations. So, applying for it is simply to enable you know about the computer aspect of Jamb before the main examination.

Therefore, you don’t need to panic if you didn’t register for it in the first place. If you register, know that performing better in JAMB mock doesn’t guarantee a higher mark in the main UTME.

So even if you score 350 in Jamb mock examination, it is possible to score lesser in the main exam since the mock questions will not be same as the real examination.

You must also know that even if you registered by missed it, there is no issue too. But is it highly recommended that you sit for the Jamb mock examination if you are a first timer.

What You Need To Know About JAMB Mock Exam 2022/2023

Also: What is the Purpose of the Jamb Mock Examination?

Below are basic things you should know about the JAMB mock exam.

  1. It is not compulsory that you must write JAMB Mock Exam.
  2. The purpose that you are writing the JAMB mock exams is mainly to intimate you with the UTME TESTING MODE.
  3. The JAMB mock exam is not a REQUIREMENT TO WRITE THE MAIN EXAM.
  4. The result of the mock exam will NOT be added to the result of the main examination.
  5. If you earlier indicated interest to write the JAMB mock exam and later changed your mind, there is no problem at all.
  6. The questions that will appear during the Mock exam are not necessarily the questions that will appear during the main exam.
  7. The JAMB Mock Exam is expected to start at 7:00 am at the various centers (different sessions).
  8. There will be no makeup test if you miss the JAMB  mock exam.
  9. For the JAMB mock examination, candidates’ venue will be within the state they registered for their 2022 UTME.
  10. You are expected to go to the mock exam centre with a copy of your JAMB mock examination slip or printout.
  11. Bags, mobile phones, calculators, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the JAMB MOCK exams centre.
  12. It is important to note that the mock examination is free. You don’t have to pay any money to any CBT Centre for anything.
  13. Ensure you take breakfast, and arrive at your centre early. Also, hold some extra cash in case of the unexpected.
  14. Jamb mock exam is not a do or die affair. In case computer turned off against you, don’t stress over it. This is just an experience you need to watch out for in your main exam. Ensure to call one of the invigilators quickly so that you can continue your exam.

Advantages of JAMB Mock Exam 2022/2023

  1. Giving candidates clues to how JAMB UTME is like.
  2. Exposing candidates to the way JAMB set questions.
  3. Testing candidate’s ability for UTME.
  4. Allowing candidates to know if he or she is weak or strong in his or her subjects or otherwise.
  5. Familiarizing students with the use of computers to write tests.
  6. Making candidates understand the CBT exams environment.

Does JAMB Add The Mock Score To The UTME Score?

No! Jamb does not add the scores obtained from the mock examinations to the main exam and the mock result will not directly or indirectly affect your main exam score positively or negatively.

The BAD and GOOD NEWS is that your JAMB MOCK SCORE will NOT be added to your UTME SCORE. They’re independent of each other. In fact, if you’re already familiar with the CBT exam environment, you may not need such a preparatory test.

Is JAMB mock exam necessary?

To clear your doubts jamb mock is not compulsory or mandatory but it’s important you take them as it will prepare you for the main jamb exam that comes up soon. But if however you fail to show up after indicating interest in writing the exam no one will penalize or sanction you.

Jamb mock exam is only important to first timers. If you have written Jamb exam before and you are familiar with the process, there may be no need to write it again.

Who is eligible for JAMB mock?

Also: Who is Eligible for JAMB mock examination?

Only candidates who registered for the JAMB UTME for 2022/2023 session, and indicated interest to take the mock exam are eligible. So if you do not fall in this category of candidates, you are simply not eligible to take 2021 UTME mock.

How do I Register for Jamb Mock Exam?

To register for the Jamb Mock exam, you have to indicate your interest when applying for the main Jamb form at the CBT centre or Jamb office. If you did not, you may want to visit their office again if it can still be done.

How do I know my JAMB Mock Center?

To know your Jamb examination centre, go to JAMB Exam Date, Venue and Time Portal Via

Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the Space Provided. Finally, Click on PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP to know your exam date, time, venue and centre.

How do I check my 2021 mock exam?

Go to JAMB Mock result portal at Click on “UTME 2021 Mock Results Notification Slip” A space to input your JAMB registration Number will appear, input your JAMB registration Number. Finally, click on Check Mock Result to view your Mock result

Is Jamb Mock Result out?

Yes. To check, visit the JAMB Mock Result Portal to check. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has confirmed that the mock examination result has been published for candidates.