Long holidays are often a period of boredom that sometimes result to depression. Worst still, ASUU and students inspired strikes/riots/breaks/holidays are even more depressing as they sometimes do not have anticipated ends. Most times, ASUU strike end up as indefinite, meaning there is no specific date which school will resume.

In history, during ASUU strikes, the most worrisome aspect of the show is government insincerity. ASUU/FG meetings often end in deadlock that when you anticipate that the strike is about to be called off, you receive heartbreaking information again that makes you go haywire like hearing that Minister of Education and ASUU chairman were fighting and the meeting was suspended. This is when you have already packed your bags getting ready to go to school.

With nowhere to go, no engagements, just wake up, eat and sleep, boredom and depression could easily set in and before you look well, you are already overwhelmed with thoughts. So, how do you overcome depression caused by ASUU/students strikes/riots? Let’s discuss some few steps below:

  1. Get a plan

One thing most of you don’t know is that while you are praying for school to resume, others are praying for three months extra to get something done. If at all you get something on ground to do, you will care less about ASUU and their heartbreaking meetings outcome. So no matter the subject matter, just get a plan on board and start working towards it and keep ASUU matter at bay.

  1. Learn a Skill

If you do not have any skill at hand, do not be deceived, this is the right time to get one. Once school resume, you won’t have the time again to get a skill. Search and develop interest in a skill that will later serve as your plan B once you graduate and use this opportunity to learn about it. Trust me, you won’t be looking for updates from ASUU again.

  1. Visit Youtube

Youtube is a dump of knowledge. What do you want to learn? Just name it. Search for it, the best are there waiting for you. Make use of it. Ensure to get enough data and live online. Maybe you will even start earning well before ASUU are done with their hide and seek game with FG.

  1. Be Social

Sometimes, I just wonder that me that is always on social media can get bored sometimes, what of those who are not social at all? Some persons hardly use WhatsApp and Facebook. If you belong to this set of recluse, ASUU strike will hit you hardly. Go online, follow trends, comment on posts, make posts, use your whatsapp status and Facebook to post comic impressions, then people will engage with you. This helps in relieving boredom.

  1. Step Out

I don’t really go out though because I rarely have such time. But when I find myself outside, I do enjoy it. So, if you have clique of trusted friends that are going out, lucky you. Go and burn out boredom. Attend weddings and other ceremonies to keep boredom away.

  1. Can You do Business?

There are several businesses you can actually do conveniently now. You can post people’s wares in your Whatsapp/Facebook status and social media handles and attract sales and sell for people while you get your commissions. This is the beginning of affiliate marketing – selling for others.

You can also start a small business of your own if you have the plan and resources to do so. Do not mind ASUU and when they will call off strike. Just ensure to make extra plans that will see your enterprise moving even if you finally resume school.

Many male students also do transportation during this period. If you are on self sponsorship and it appeals to you, you can also enter transportation business. It is very convenient with academics, you work the day you like.

  1. Be Creative

Sometimes at home, I just buy a bag of cement and do some flowery vase designs. Sometimes, I rearrange some aspect of my apartment, plant/trim flowers, think of an aspect of my business to rearrange, etc.

If you are creative, time will not even be enough for you because you keep on having one thing to do now or later.

  1. Assist your Parents

If your parents are having a business, then you don’t have any reason to be bored unless you just want to claim oga at the top that does not fit you. You have to understand one thing about your education – it is simply to enlighten your mind. Not primarily to get a high paying job and make quick wealth after graduation. Use your knowledge school, of the internet, of business management (if any) to grow your parents business.

Use this period to learn internet marketing skills, copywriting, and all skills related to doing business with ease and help your parents grow their businesses. Even if your parents sells in the main market, try to always be available for them. School fees are high these days and you have to make yourself very relevant in making more money for the family.

  1. Make Projections

Do you have anything in mind that you cannot solve/achieve now? I guess you now have time to start rethinking the nearest possible way and time to get close to it. In 2015, I started thinking of owning a school, Michael Jules’ Academy. Later in 2019, I readjusted it to Michael Jules’ School of Business and Marketing Practice. All these things are not achieved yet but still in the conception stage. One day, preparation will meet opportunity. In addition, I also want to own a CBT, this plan has gone far as preparation has really met opportunity and I believe that soonest, I will own a Jamb CBT.

So, keep on conceiving ideas and plans. Plan in the short/long term. Plan what is possible and achievable. This period is a good time to keep on thinking about what to become later after school.

  1. You don’t have money? Not to worry, make sure you don’t borrow

If you are broke and sapa (brokenness) have refused leave you alone, don’t think of borrowing as the way out. Unless you are doing business and you are sure of paying. This is because no one kills you for being broke but you won’t rest if you are broke and in debt. Please, don’t take loans unnecessarily. Eat what you can afford, live within your means, don’t join bad gangs, ask for help where necessary, do not steal; and most importantly, plan for a hustle.

  1. Run away from “God will do it” mentality

I fear to always express this part of my belief. But to whoever that cares to listen, your life is your responsibility. Once you know this, your success is quicker and surer and you will not place unnecessary burden on God. God does nothing more. What he will do, he has done already. Your brain is a machine. Think things through and be an achiever. When you are overwhelmed, pray for grace and support but stick to your plans. Pray for guidance and protection. But NEVER pray for money. God is not an industrialist. Keep on pressing, your success is in your hands, not God. But be rest assured God will see you through in your plans so do not sit down without a plan. It will kill you faster than you anticipated and God will do nothing because he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

  1. Solve problems for people

You may be broke but have something to say or tell people having challenges. Offer to help because wealth comes quickly through value creation. Wealth comes in more quickly if your solution is unique and solves problems quickly. So look around, what new stuff can you introduce? Start thinking now. This is why I said earlier that what God wants to do, he has done. The rest lies in your brain.


Ok, let me stop here but I believe you have your own list of what to do to make you avoid boredom and depression. Just sit down and write a list of what can help you out there. Look at the immediate environment and check a list of stuff you can do.

Make your life meaningful with adequate plans. Don’t be satisfied, don’t sit in one place, keep asking, keep pressing on, keep browsing to know more, keep researching, keep changing, keep adjusting, keep asking and more importantly, be consistent.

People who are depressed are those who are overwhelmed. Refuse to be overwhelmed, be proactive and ready to do something at all times.

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