By: Richard Odiri and Michael Oghenenyoreme

Federal University, Otuoke is one among 11 federal universities founded in the year 2011. Situated in the oil rich State of Bayelsa, it stands to close the gap between the educationally advantaged and less advantaged regions.

Since its inception in 2011, the university has witnessed a steady growth in the amount of programmes it offers. It started with eleven programmes that were within two faculties and has now grown to 26 programmes in six faculties. It has currently opened its arms to further accommodate those seeking even higher levels of learning with its School of Post Graduate Studies that is now admitting students.

FUO’s mission is the generation, dissemination, preservation, and application of knowledge. However, the vision of the Federal University, Otuoke (FUO) is to gain and maintain a reputation as a world-class university that challenges all its students to achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal growth, to promote sustainable development, as well as contribute purposeful and ethical service to the nation and Mankind. FUO intend to achieve this through our core values captured as FUO L-I-K-E-S: Learning, Integrity, Knowledge, Excellence, Service and Scholarship.

FUO e-library

The school under the leadership of Prof. Teddy Charles Adias who is the current Vice Chancellor of the school is working tirelessly to raise the standard of the school even higher.

Going further, you’ll be seeing ten reasons why you should choose Federal University, Otuoke.

1. Cost of Getting a Degree

One of the comparative advantages FUO offers is the relatively low cost of studying in the institution. With its status as a Federal University, its tuition fees are way cheaper when compared with other universities within the region.

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Students from their inception till graduation spend an approximated figure of 400,000 thousand naira (depending on the programme). This figure when compared with figures from schools in the region is relatively low.

2. Entry Requirements

The chances of getting admission in FUO are relatively higher than most institutions in the region. Owing to the fact that one of its mission is to raise the status of the region educationally, it is always willing to accept students and give them quality education.

Candidates who perform well in the entry exams are always admitted and then there is also consideration for those who are from educationally developed States.

3. Quality of Education

The quality of education you’ll get as a student of FUO is comparable to the quality of most reputable schools. Over the years, FUO has produced graduates in different fields who have excelled and are making waves in different sectors.

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With its programmes accredited by the NUC, quality is assured. The curricular and structure of classes fits modern standards. The lecturers and facilitators are also of good repute.

4. Programmes

As at now, the university has over twenty five programmes running in its undergraduate level in six different faculties. The university is still working to accredit more programmes. In the same vein, the school of postgraduate studies is now open for applications.

FUO library

Interested applicants can apply into the various faculties and run programmes given they have the minimum requirements.

5. Facilities

The university boasts of certain facilities which include standard lecture halls and theatres, hostel facilities, laboratories and a student friendly environment.

The University Library is one noticeable facility that is open to students of the institution. There is also an e-library that works concurrently with traditional library to further open students up to exploit information technology for their gains.

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With its skill acquisition center, FUO boasts not only of quality of education but also development of skills. There are several activities available under this as students are being trained in different skills which include tailoring amongst others.

The university also has sports provisions as students can actively engage and use the facilities of the school for different sporting activities. Under this, the university also partakes in different games like NUGA giving students an opportunity to showcase their prowess in sports before a bigger stage.

Still on the sports, there is a good number of sporting competitions that are organized within the school to keep the school fun and enjoyable. From soccer tournaments to even board games, all are actively engaged in. The slogan of the students on this note is #FUO2Dworld.

6. Lecturers

The lecturers are not oblivious of the needs and concerns of the students as you’ll even find most of them going out of their way to fix extra classes (fixed-classes) for students especially those who are rather slow learners. Speaking on the quality of the lecturers, many students have attested to the fact that lecturers in the institution are very qualified and competent. This alone should serve as a pull factor for anyone yearning for quality higher education.

7. Management

The university management under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Teddy Charles Adias is always working to improve the standard and quality of education that students enjoy. The university don addresses students related issues very friendly and always in favour of the students.

8. Health-Care

There is adequate provision of healthcare facilities within the school whereby tests can be carried out, diagnosis taken and even free dispensation of drugs for all duly registered students. Measures are always taken to ensure the prevention and control of diseases that can spur from this student environment.

9. Student Unionism

With the establishment of the Student Union Government (SUG), students now have a way of participating actively in functions as representatives and members of institutions that further prepares them for life outside school.

Fountain Block, FUO

Student unionism exposes students to a whole lot of gains as they have a platform that gives them a right to decide their fate in the university. Student unions are always a mechanism for checking and ensuring that students’ rights are protected and preserved.

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Socialization which is one of the agents of development is often achieved through student unions as students have to come together to work towards set and achievable goals.

10. Security

With the rise in security tensions that has continued to eat the fabric of institutions of higher learning, FUO stands to be one of the most secure schools on and off campus.

The security network is a mix of security men hired by the institution who work hand in hand with the community security team who are in very close collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force.

Owing to the fact that this is the community of the former president of Nigeria, security is guaranteed as the community is within the radar of government security agencies.

11. Accommodation

There are a variety of accommodation options available for students within the university community. Starting with hostel facilities; the hostel is open to any and every student who is willing to stay within the hostel.

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Getting an accommodation outside the campus is still quite easy as there are different kinds of apartments and lodges and they have different price ranges depending on the type and facilities available.

12. Community

The town of Otuoke which is a town populated by the Ogbias has opened its hands to students from all corners of the country, with warmth and a sense of responsibility. Members of the community are always concerned about the wellbeing of the students who come from far and near.

13. Accessibility

The community of Otuoke where FUO is located is accessible through two major roads. Within the community, there is a good road network and a transport system that guarantees ability to move within the town.

14. Students

Another reason why you should choose FUO is because of the students in the university. The university is currently standing at an approximated figure of 13,000 students, a figure which is made of students from all corners of the federation.

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Despite the differences in ethnic groups, students of FUO are known for their character and accommodating characteristics. Owing to the fact that Discipline is one of the core values in the university, students in the university are in synergy with this fact. The issues of tribalism and ethnicity are never found within the university.

N.B.: It is worthy of note to say that FUO stands to be one of the most disciplined institutions of higher learning as there are regulations that restrict students from engaging in practices that endanger other students and tarnish the image of the institution.

Discipline is one of the core values of the institution and this position the university at an advantageous position as it helps in producing well mannered and composed citizens who will in turn influence society greatly.

Want to gain admission into FUO? Call us now! 08060699054

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