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Every year, we attempt to follow the NDU admission list for proper recording and future usage. This is because there is absolutely no public record on the NDU admissions list. Hence, making it difficult for public users and researchers to engage in further studies.

This material contains a confirmed report of the NDU admission lists from the very first list which was released Thursday 2nd December, 2021 till the date of this publication.

Kindly note that as at the time of this publication, admission was still ongoing as there has been no official document released closing admissions. Therefore, future list will be published in this post.

NDU Admission List for 2021/2022

The first NDU admission list was released Thursday 2nd December, 2021 while clearance commenced Monday 6th December, 2021. From thenceforth, subsequent lists were released at very close intervals. See the rest lists below:

Second NDU Admission List Released December 8th/9th, 2021
Third NDU Admission List Released December 14th, 2021
Fourth NDU Admission List Released December 17th, 2021
Fifth NDU Admission List Released December 22nd, 2021
Sixth NDU Admission List Released December 31st, 2021
Seventh NDU Admission List Released January 6th, 2022
Eight NDU Admission List Released January 17th, 2022
Nineth NDU Admission List Released January 23rd, 2022
Tenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 28th January, 2022
Eleventh NDU Admission List Uploaded 1st February, 2022
Twelveth NDU Admission List Uploaded 4th February, 2022
Thirteenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 14th February, 2022
Fourteenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 19th February, 2022
Fifteenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 24th February, 2022
Sixteenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 9th March, 2022
Seventeenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 24th March, 2022
Eighteenth NDU Admission List Uploaded 1st April, 2022

Analysis on the NDU Admission List

Our admission Guides volumes consist of information on analysis of the admission lists. These information includes the intervals between each list, numbers of lists released, etc. Before the next Post UTME examinations, all such info will be published in the Admission Guide Vol. 2.3 and released for FREE!