document.documentElement.className = 'js'; Wait! Don't Buy Jamb Form Yet! : A & U Ng
  • Have you checked the school fees of the University you are going for?
  • Have you asked your sponsor if he is ready to sponsor you?
  • Have you bothered to check total expenses incurred in schooling?
Advise yourself now before you waste your money in school movements.
Check your pocket and sponsor well now because University life is no longer as it used to be. Delta State is currently boiling as a result of hike in school fees of DELSU and Ozoro Polytechnic which has been converted to University.
Advise yourself now because school is now purely for business and not about the quality of your academic outcome.
Advise yourself now because many students in school without good sponsorship are suffering, pulling out of school and sometimes engaging is various crimes to meet up.
Advise yourself now, do not let anyone deceive you that university education is your basic right. That is for the richer country. ASUU is going on strike because Federal government have failed to settle. University education in Nigeria is simply a function of your pocket and no longer a right.
Advise yourself now because if you do not check total cost incurred in schooling in your university of choice now, then have a good sponsor, you will later waste Jamb money, acceptance money, admission slot and then when you are confronted with the huge school fees, you feel you cannot pay, it is then you will decide to pull out.
Advise yourself now. University education in Nigeria is no longer for the poor. Fees are increasing everyday. Call resource persons in your university of choice to check for a list of expenditures to be incurred and save towards it if you and your sponsor cannot meet up on time.
Universities are also developing new behavioural trend in administration. They put deadline to payment of acceptance and school fees and when you cannot meet up, they give your admission to another candidate. The NDU and FUO did this in 2021/2022 admission year.
Advise yourself because it is a standard practice to investigate a path to be taken before you embark on it. Many candidates seeks for university admission blindly. No sponsor, but you are buying Jamb form. Why? Do you take university for a joke? You do not even have a job or side hustle, no sponsor, yet you want to go to school. The pressure on yourself and the people around you whence you finally entered school will be too much.
Please, ensure you have a sponsor before you buy Jamb form. Do not buy Jamb form with the mindset that “God will send a sponsor later”
If you have a sponsor, go online and check how much you will spend in school especially in 100 level and tell your sponsor and ask if he/she can meet up.
If there is no way at all, do not waste your money in buying Jamb form. Instead, start saving. Work more, find possible sponsor(s) and when the coast is clear, you buy Jamb form.
If you have the confirmation that money will not be an issue, then fire down. Lets start rolling.
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