In NDU, there are various types of clearance. From 100 level to graduate clearance through to postgraduate clearance, the list goes on and on. Below is a list of the various types of clearance done in NDU:

1. 100 Level Online Clearance

This type of clearance is usually done by newly admitted students. The total cost of the 100 level online clearance is N84,000. During the clearance, you submit your details to NDU online, pay acceptance fee of N40,000 and upload your documents along with the payments of other accumulated charges.

100 Level Clearance List

2. Direct Entry Online Clearance

Like 100 level clearance, Direct Entry (DE) newly admitted students are expected to also process their online clearance. DE candidates are admitted straight to 200 level with their a’level (Advance Level) results. The same procedure with 100 level above still holds. The only difference is that DE acceptance ranges between 60,000, 80,000 and 110,000 depending on the programme of study as against 100 level acceptance which is just N40,000 for all students.

3. Graduate Online Clearance

Graduate clearance is done by only graduates of the university. This is the final procedure at which end you get your certificate and get set for NYSC. The total cost for graduate online clearance is N37,000. However, other payments are made at the department, faculty and Library.

4. Postgraduate Online Clearance

Post graduate newly admitted students also do their clearance online. The total cost of PG online clearance is N46,500 along with all accumulated charges which surges to N82,500. After the online clearance, they go on to the PG school for physical verification.

5. Part Time Online Clearance

Part Time newly admitted students also do online clearance like regular students. The cost is around N47,000. All NDU Part Time classes are held in Yenagoa Law Campus

6. Predegree Online Clearance

Predegree online clearance cost a total of N24,000 and it consist of acceptance e-pin of N15,000. Predegree clearance is not as costly as regular students’ clearance. For Basic students, (a sister programme to Predegree), it does not include any online clearance. Just file opening at the Director’s office and that is all.

So, now you know all the forms of online clearance done in NDU. Ensure to do all your clearance works at the A & U Ng Smart Office at Main Campus Gate, Amassoma or call 08060699054.

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