Thank you for reading this A & U Ng Standard Document (Stan Doc) 3. In this number of the Stan Doc, we shall be focusing on your name and how they appear in your documents so that you will not make any mistake. Don’t worry, I will try to be concise so it won’t be boring.

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Issues You Are About To Read

  1. Your Name in Your Credentials
  2. Your first name MUST be a native name (But no need to change IF you already wrote WAEC and Jamb)
  3. Your name order
  4. Use of initials
  5. Surname, lastname, firstname, middlename and othername
  6. How to Resolve Name Issues

1. Your Name in Your Credentials

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Traditionally, your name is supposed to be like this across all your credentials:

WAEC:            Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
NECO:            Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
NIN:                 Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
Jamb:              Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
University:       Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
LGA:                Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
Age Decl.:       Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael
Others:            Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael

If the above format is how your name looks like across all your documents, then you may not bother about issues of naming in the future. However, you MUST ensure that in any future registration, the same format MUST be maintained.

2.  Your first name MUST be a native name

Your first name is your personal name. The name everyone is calling you. That name, by global standard MUST be your native name either from your father or mother. So, from my name stated above, you can see that my first name Oghenenyoreme then before you will see my other name as Michael. Although everyone calls me Michael, whenever I want to write my first name anywhere, I use Oghenenyoreme.

With this name, you can identify me as an indigent Urhobo man. If you bear two English name, no one will know where you are from and such practice is being termed colonialistic tendencies today. 


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3.  Your name order

During admission period, one thing/challenge that many applicants face is the issue of naming or name appearance/order. This is simply the order of your name in most of your documents.

In many applicants’ documents, they are answering two name only in one file, three name in another file, and yet another arrangement of their names in another of their document. (To be cont.)

Announcement: When referring to yourself, you only have a name, so, you can only say “my name is”… and not “my names are”. All your name put together refer to one and same person, so introduce yourself as MY NAME IS JULIUS OGHENENYOREME MICHAEL.

(Cont.) This creates a lot of issues for them during verification in the university. Before we look into how your name should look like in all your documents, let us first understand the words – first name, middlename and last name.

3a. First Name (also known as forename)

This is your native name given to you by your parents or close family ties who share strong family theme. For instance, your pastor or uncle, aside your parents, may prefer a name and accepted by your parents. In most cases, your first name should immediately tell a listener where you come from. If I tell you my name is Oghenenyoreme, you will quickly know that I hail from Urhobo right? Right!

Special Note: If you already written WAEC/NECO and NIN before seeing this material, and you do not have native name, kindly leave your name the way it is. Changing at this time will not be too good for your wellbeing. You can just take the name and use it orally.

3b. Middle Name (also known as other name)

Middlename is often a name taken by oneself as a means of self recognition. It can also be given by parents or someone in society who holds certain level of influence over the named. Most persons don’t really have a middlename and this is not a cause for concern. My middle name is Michael. If you do not have a middle name, there is no issue at all.

3c. Last Name (also known as surname)

Last name is the family name or your father’s name. It is also called surname. Many persons use their forefather’s name as their surname. This may be because the forefather’s name is well known in the area. But it is recommended that you use your immediate father’s name as your surname.

3d. Maiden Name

This is the previous name of a married woman before she changed to her husband’s name. This means that a man does not have a maiden name but a woman

3e. Order of Your Name

Now that we already know what first name, middlename and last name is, let us see how to arrange them. This is important because many have been stressed during admission, reprinted certificates, lost scholarships, lost elections and many other consequences because of wrong arrangement of name. In the year 2020 in Bayelsa State, while the newly elected governor David Lyon was rehearsing a day before his swearing in, he received a sack notice that his running mate, the deputy governor formulated documents because his names appeared differently in various documents. If you know how much is involved in a gubernatorial election, then you will understand how costly the name issue can be.

Haven known this, let us checkout the normal order for the purpose of admission. See the my name below:

First name (forename): Oghenenyoreme
Middle name (othername): Michael
Last name (Surname): Julius

For admission purpose, the correct way is Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael. This is in the order of surname, firstname and middlename. While surname must come first, there will be no issue anywhere if your first name comes last. However, your surname but NOT be in the middle. In fact, the Niger Delta University B.Sc. certificate places the surname at the end.

4. Use of Initials

Please, you must not use initials in your documents. You must use your name in full the way it is. For instance, Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael MUST BE WRITTEN AS Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael and not Julius Oghenenyoreme M. This is very important.

I would advise you to avoid any correction of name and follow what you already have in your current documents and manage the name like. Only correct your name if there is no other choice. Also Note that NIN name will automatically appear in Jamb and same as your University Certificate. So, before you engage in any change, kindly seek expert advice.

Take note of the following:

  1. Jamb name is very difficult to correct
  2. NIN name is very difficult to correct
  3. WAEC/NECO name is also very difficult to correct. In fact, they may not even change it.
  4. LGA name is very easy to correct. In fact, you can do another one
  5. Age declaration is also very easy. You can do another one too.

5. Surname, Lastname, Firstname, Middlename and Othername

Please, the following information is of great essence to you. Your surname is the same as your lastname. They refer to your father’s name.

Your firstname is your main personal tribal name. Do not go and use your English name as your first name except your father is from England (English man). My first name is Oghenenyoreme and not Michael. Michael is just my other name. Even if everyone calls you with your English name, that does not make your English name your first name. Please, take note.

Your Middlename and Othername are also referring to same thing. This can now be your English name or any other native name if you have two native name.

6. How to Resolve Name Issues

If you already made a mistake in your name as they appear in your credentials, you may need to know the following:

  1. If it is only a name order problem, do not worry, you may not face any challenge. Just leave it like that.
  2. If you omitted one name in some of the document, like there is 3 name in one document while another have only 2 name, then swear an affidavit to correct the error. Once you go to the court and explain to them the problem, they already know what to do for you. Affidavit cost around N1,500
  3. In some universities, you may be asked to publish the name correction in a national newspaper daily. Then you will find the office of any newspaper outlet close to you. Then you will explain to them. They will take it from there. It cost around N5,000 to N10,000
  4. In some extreme cases, you may lose your admission if the name is entirely different from each other.
  5. You cannot lose your admission if the problem is LGA certificate or age declaration. Those documents can be replaced without stress. But if o’level and Jamb/NIN name do not tally, you can lose your admission.
  6. WAEC/NECO names are hard to correct. But you can visit their office if at all they will assist.
  7. Reports indicate that data in NIN and Jamb can also be corrected.
  8. Do not go and adjust your name anyhow. Seek expert advice first for avoid further issues.
  9. Contact A & U Ng too if you are lost. WhatsApp 08060699054


Thank You for reading this number of the A & U Ng Standard Document. Kindly find the number 1 and subsequent ones to read up.

 A & U Ng


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