Nathaniel Wisdom, a final year student of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Faculty Arts has won the A & U Ng first monthly giveaway.

Charles Prestine, volunteer raffle agent (Feb 1st, 2022)

The raffle which was drawn by Charles Prestine, a 100 level student of NDU accidentally selected from NDU latest news saw number 34 bearing Nat Wizi (Nathaniel Wisdom) as the winner. 

Announced in early December, 2021, the A & U Ng monthly giveaway is one of A & U Ng’s numerous promotions aimed at ensuring students customers earn while learning.

Aside A & U Ng staff who are also students in the learning and earning category, the management of A & U Ng have successfully devise mediums through which customers wins while they do business with it.

Nathaniel Wisdom (Nat Wizi) sent his school fees and course enrolment to the A & U Ng Smart Office first week of January, 2022 and was processed almost immediately.

While on call to notify him of his win, Nathaniel expressed shock over the promo as he was not even aware of such promo. His name was entered behind him as payment was received. This medium of ensuring names were entered in the promo list even without customer’s awareness was to ensure no one is disadvantaged in the process.

Nathaniel who stated that his birthday is three (3) days away (Friday 4th February, 2022) claimed that this is already the best birthday gift ever. He also stated that funds which has delayed his resumption is now a thing of the past.

The prize (N20,000) has since been transferred to the recipient immediately and reception has been acknowledged.

This promo will run all through 2022. Eleven (11) more winners will emerge as the months roll on. While the management of A & U Ng anticipates that this promo will last over the next decade, 2022 will just be a year of test run to see how patronage roll in.

To participate in the promo, kindly ensure you process your school fees and all other types of fees payment at the Smart Office, A & U Ng

For more info, call 08060699054

Kindly visit this post again by March 1st to get update on the next winner

Did You Know?

All A & U Ng promo winners are detailed and recorded to ensure new online followers get a good report to believe that our promos are real and not scam. Click the link below to read more…

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