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Have you started having regrets why you pursued your education? Looks like you weren’t too familiar with academic expenses and now in school, the only thing that is clear to you is quitting.

More often, students are encountering and facing circumstances that force them to make drop-out decisions. A very fair proportion of this number is due to academic finances.

Entering the University on a Wrong Note: First Perspective

Please, follow me let me take you through data from Emerald Multipurpose Cooperative Society to corroborate this publication (The publisher is the chairman, Emerald MPCS)

When Emerald MPCS was first established, we bypassed our policies just to ensure many members took loans. Some came to register and ‘pressed us to the wall’ to grant them school fees loans to enable them bit admission forfeiture of the 2020/2021 academic session.

Now, many members who wanted loans at all cost and got it then with all the heavenly promise that they will meet up with repayment are now defaulting. As at Emerald’s December, 2021 report, out of 272 members, 65 had taken loans, 24 had cleared their school fees loans and 41 members are still repaying their loans.

Among the 41 ongoing loans, 34 are overdue for payment, however still ongoing. Only 7 members’ loans are still within their normal agreement repayment period. Although, a few have completed payments from December till the date of this publication.

Emerald is nonetheless bothered about the delay but the accumulation of interest. We actually wanted to help students pay up their fees, not to accumulate interest from students’ pockets. Maybe tomorrow, we shall implement more policies to protect members whose loan accumulation is becoming too high.

Let us agree from the above data that sometimes, none payment of sponsor’s salaries, unfavourable changes in sponsor’s earnings, unforeseen occurrences, etc. may have affected many members’ repayment.

However, aside those in the above described situation, there are a few members who have visited the Emerald office to seek for advise as they feel overwhelmed and may not be able to continue and the only thing in their mind is quitting.

While we believe that changes in earnings and unanticipated occurrences may affect sponsorship, let us also agree that lack of adequate planning and understanding of educational cost have also pushed many to pursue their education. Many have entered the university on a wrong note; unable to foresee future expenses. They may have felt that after clearance and school fees, the expenses is done, but many did not really anticipate accommodation, feeding, health, textbooks, etc.

Many Emerald members on loans use their repayment sent to them to buy textbooks that are very important, feed, and engage other important academic expenses while their loan repayment lagged behind.

We have a service at Emerald called Secondary School Account where you can actually save for your wards who will enter the university in subsequent years. You can use that to test your ability and save in that Emerald account so that whence admission comes, you don’t feel overwhelmed as a parent.

Avoid Entering the University on a Wrong Note

To avoid entering the university on a wrong note you must follow our expert advice to either save with Emerald ahead or read about the cost of schooling in the university and agree that you are able to finance your ward/yourself before you make an attempt at gaining admission. This is not a discouragement but aimed to avoid quitting halfway. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Total Cost of Schooling in the University (A Case Study of the Niger Delta University)

A Pathway Forward

Now that you have confirmed that there are no sources of funds from anywhere and you cannot continue, kindly click the link below let us read on the possible next course of action.

What If You Lost Sponsorship? Possibilities and Way Forward


This material is aimed at enlightening students, parents, sponsors and guardians on the total academic expenses of education to enable them make adequate planning for their wards. From what I observe as an academic researcher, many persons just want to be educated. Hence, no foresight, no estimation and anticipation of future expenses, no targeting, etc. What many does is live on hopes and base their tomorrow on God. While God always sees us through, it is an expert advice to ensure we have the needed resources to pull our wards/ourselves through to avoid dropping out.

The Author

The Author is Michael Oghenenyoreme, J, a scholar, educator, vocational tutor, writer, publisher, marketer/affiliate marketer, customer acquisition expert, audience expert and academic critic. Read more…