Haven made the Big Announcement earlier today, many persons may wonder how much is the announced 10% of the A & U Ng’s daily profit?

Well, this post is meant to further enlighten users of our services to enable them grasp what can be obtained as they choose to do business with us.

A & U Ng: The Big Announcement

If you are into profit sharing in percentages, what should be your concern is the volume of sales and in this case, patronage. With higher patronage, no matter how small the percentage, once you integrate patronage, your percentage will thicken.

The A & U Ng’s new business policy on profit sharing with customers means that if the A & U Ng record a profit of N10,000 a day, N1,000 will immediately go to the students customers.

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Imagine N100,000 profit a day… that is already N10,000 daily profit to the pocket of the students. Then multiply N10,000 by all the working days in the month. Sure you know what that means, a lot of goodies for our customers.

As a partly marketing business enterprise with very wide and specialized multifaceted audience, the A & U Ng management belief it has the capacity to draw attention of students to this enviable business practice, enticing everyone to do business with it for the purpose of increasing the 10% to the students.

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What the A & U Ng management is actually targeting and anticipating is the possibility of making N100,000 or more weekly for the students’ account. We believe this is even more than possible by virtue of God’s grace with particular reference to the largeness of our audience.

From now on, we shall be appealing to customers, friends, parents and group members to help us publicize and persuade more and more students to do business with us to ensure we attain this great plan.

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It will be a good thing if we are able to pay full school fees for customers on a weekly basis. We have always investigated multifarious ways in which we can assist in paying school fees for customers. First was school fees promo, second was Emerald savings and loans and now 10% profit.

In all of these, the A & U Ng is driven by passion to assist as the school fees is now increasing above the power of the common man. We believe if we do business together, there will be money to pay more and more school fees for students.

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For more inquiries, contact A & U Ng via call/WhatsApp on 08060699054

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