The Emerald Team, under the supervision of the A & U Ng is happy to present this total report on its operations for the year ending 2021. Our operations for the past 9 months and our current financial standing and growth rate are a testament to the value Emerald Students’ MPCS have to offer to the local students’ community.
Established in March 30th, 2021, Emerald Students’ MPCS initially had only Smart Staff of the A & U Ng as its original members along with just one registration on the starting date.
Emerald Students’ MPCS was established to help protect students from admission forfeiture in the 2020/2021 academic session and proof A & U Ng customers from the ills of school fees portal closure.
Break: Announcement
A new session have started and all Emerald members on loans are expected to exhaust their loan repayment before attempting to pay their next level school fees. Although our laws restrict us from taking any action against students, any member found bypassing our laws have successfully involuntarily forfeited the provisions of our students’ protection guideline and action will be expedited against such member.
Conceived and planned in the Christmas holidays of 2020, Emerald was only able to be established in late March, 2021 when admission forfeiture news from management opened a rare window for Emerald to come on stage.
True to its establishing purpose, Emerald Students’ MPCS was able to save 42 admissions through granting of school fees loans within a short time. These loans are being repaid on a monthly basis by members.
Let it be stated that in the history of the Niger Delta University, Emerald Students’ MPCS is the first of its kind that respond to the needs of students’ school fees challenges.
As at today, Emerald Students’ MPCS have a total membership of 272. Out of this figure, 65 have taken loans, 24 have cleared their school fees loans and 41 members are still repaying their loans.
Loan repayment rate is not commendable but manageable as 34 out of the ongoing 41 loans are overdue for payment but still ongoing. Only 7 members’ loans are still within their normal agreement repayment period.

The Challenges Delayed Loan Repayment Posed

At the establishment of Emerald Students’ MPCS, loan acquisition was very easy. In fact, members who were not even qualified got loans for the purpose of saving admissions which were then due to be retrieved. However, with delayed loan repayment, Emerald stopped further loans in August, 2021 and only resumed loans in December, 2021. This was to allow the Cooperative recover more loans and balance itself.
The management of Emerald Students’ MPCS will continue to halt loans as a tool to balance the Cooperative whenever repayment delays. With delayed loan repayment, future members MAY witness delay in loan approval with more stringent measures to ensure loan prospects are able to repay before loans are granted.

Membership and Growth

As at December, 2021, Emerald Students’ MPCS have a total member of 272. Membership growth are often witnessed in school fees deadline period and admission retrieval periods. This is a clear indication that Emerald was established to fill a need and have satisfied such need from inception.

Emerald Students’ MPCS Full Financial Report

All complete financial report of Emerald Students’ MPCS will only be available to members only and concerned security bodies and not the members of the public. Therefore, members can send an account request to the Chairman via WhatsApp on 08060699054 to get a copy of the full fnancial report.

Funds Outsourcing

In August, 2021, Emerald Students’ MPCS needed more funds to help its needy members access loans. Hence, the Cooperative collaborated with the Vision-Driven MPCS, Amassoma and took a loan of N750,000 at an interest rate of 10% yearly to help members pay their fees. As at the time of this report, that loan has been paid off. The loan repayment was completed in November, 2021 – a period of 3 months only.

Strength of Emerald Students’ MPCS

One of the major strength of Emerald Students’ MPCS was its ability to save admissions for students. There has never been anything like this before. Other newly admitted students truly lost their admissions because they were not aware Emerald Students’ MPCS existed.
Secondly, Emerald Students’ MPCS also gave excess loans to aid students’ career aspirations. Taking loans to assist students could only be done from a caring heart. This shows the management of Emerald Students’ MPCS cares for the welfare of its’ members as the Cooperative was primarily established with A & U Ng’s customers in mind.
Thirdly, our records are very correct and intact. Our records which were prepared this December and available to any Emerald Students’ MPCS member on request show that the Cooperative is very healthy and not in any way under financial threat. The only threat we have encountered is delayed loan repayment and over a 9 month period of operations, we have been able to correct this through halting of loans. Hence, when loan repayment delays in a particular period, further loans are halted to enable management balance the cooperative.
Fourthly, the management of Emerald are dedicated to the course of students’ welfare and support. No Emerald Students’ MPCS management staff are paid. Same A & U Ng management staff handles Emerald records, hence, A & U Ng bears the managerial cost of Emerald. Only actual financial cost are borne by Emerald

Weaknesses in Emerald

So far, no tangible weakness has been identified aside delayed loan repayment. Few members have also sought to dropout after collecting loans to pay school fees. The Emerald have rather sought for counselling in helping these members back to their feet than focusing on loan repayment. We believe that in due time, all members in this category will come back to school, otherwise, abide by their loan repayment agreement.

Total Expenditure

From March to December, 2021, the Emerald management have spent a total of N365,000 in designs, prints, advertisement and publishing

Profit and Loss

Emerald Students’ MPCS recorded a loss of N50,130 for the months of March-December, 2021. This loss is as a result of establishment and advertising cost greeted with delayed loan repayment. Recall that 34 members’ loans are overdue and are still paying.
Management project that record for 2022 will be better off as most costs incurred in 2021 especially in establishment and designs may not reoccur in 2022.

New Entrants

As newly admitted steps into the University community, they may want to join the Emerald team to enable them manage their finances and plan their school fees.
If you wish to do that, kindly walk into the A & U Ng Smart Office at Main Campus Gate with 2 passports photographs and N500 registration fee. You may want to make your initial deposits immediately or whenever you have the funds to save for your fees.


The Emerald Team wishes to thank all its members for trusting and utilizing the cooperative for the attainment of their career dreams. It is our prayers that your career aspiration comes to fulfilment soonest.
We also pray for our guarantors that may the good Lord bless their efforts in trying to see that their wards get educated.
If you are a member on loan, kindly repay. Your prompt repayment will enable others get loans. But if you delay, the cooperative is stalled from further loans. We are very sure you do not want that to happen.
Thank you
The Emerald Team
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