The A & U Ng management wishes to announce as follows:

  1. that starting from January 1st, 2022, 10% of A & U Ng’s daily profits will be calculated, written off from our operations and dedicated to the cause and welfare of its customers.
  2. that whatever is realized from this 10% on a weekly or monthly basis, whichever management deems fit, will be used in funding our earlier announced Counterpart School Fees Funding, proposed monthly giveaways, online giveaways, weekly feeding packages, Emerald Care, and any other endeavours chosen/recommended by customers.
  3. that with this announcement, the A & U Ng and its customers are now in a form of informal partnership where they have a stake and say in the finances of the enterprise.
  4. that unlike other promotions targeting specific customers, the A & U Ng 10% profit dedicated to its customers will cater for the needs of all its customers irrespective of their levels.
  5. updates of this 10% will be given to customers on a weekly/monthly basis or as deemed fit by management.
  6. that depending on your patronage, fully funded scholarships may also be possible.

Meet A & U Ng Promo Beneficiaries From 2018-2021

Recall that the A & U Ng currently have other ongoing promos: The 1,000,000 school fees promo, hostel promo and the upcoming N20,000 monthly promo.

To benefit from this 10% profit from A & U Ng and all its other promotions, ensure you do ALL YOUR school work with us. Your records are taken and kept appropriately for future use.

How Much is 10% of A & U Ng’s Profit?

The database created from these daily records which started in early December, 2021 will be used in drawing raffles and doing giveaways.

The management of A & U Ng passionately believe you will patronize its services to enable it carry out its plans for its teeming customers.

As 2022 unfolds, we pray for success for all our customers, financial stability and long life for all our sponsors, parents, guardians and guarantors.

We pray for diligence in study, academic success and higher grades for all students customers. May 2022 presents us all a cause to be happy in Jesus Mighty name, amen.

For more details, contact the A & U Ng management on 08060699054


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