Dear customers, 2021 is winding down and the A & U Ng Smart Team deems it fit to give report for 2021 and to update its teeming customers on its operations and strategy behaviour outlined for 2022.
First and foremost, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to you all for your patronage throughout 2021. Every of your single patronage means a lot to us. Your patronage have placed us at an enviable heights and we have made it our attitude to sustain such patronage through thank you endeavours.
This A & U Ng ‘Thank You’ practice will now be the basis for business practice in 2022. Recall that as part of our thank you practice, the A & U Ng currently have the following promos throughout 2021:
1. N500,000 in 2020/2021 first, and now N1,000,000 school fees promo in 2021/2022 academic session. The promo is ongoing
2. Hostel promo of N5,000 for each winner. 3 winners have emerged. There is no limit to the number of winners. The promo is ongoing
3. N20,000 best graduating picture contest promo.
4. N5,000 Post UTME promo. 7 winners emerged in the 2021/2022 Post UTME. Next is 2022/2023
5. N10,000 highest Jamb scorer. Next promo will be after 2022/2023 Jamb exam
6. N20,000 monthly giveaway for returning students starting from January 30th, 2022 through December, 2022, and
7. The big announcement which will be published January 1st, 2022.
The A & U Ng understands that these giveaways are just a drop of water in the sea when it comes to student-customers’ needs, hence, we wish to implement better business policies in 2022 to enable us care more for our teeming customers.
The intent is that more and more customers should win from our operations. By this intent, we project that should our customers follow our lead and enabled us to fully implement the Big Announcement, then by January, 2023, we MAY be fully sponsoring a number of students and taking full charge of their academic sponsorship.
The Emerald Students’ MPCS is another way we helped our customers immensely. Conjured in December, 2020 and commencing operations in March 30th, 2021, the Emerald Students’ MPCS was able to save 42 admissions for its customers who are freshmen.
We did this by advising our customers to save their fees when they are finding it hard to pay their school fees once-off and using monies saved to give loans to members whose payments have deadlines. Till date, those who saved have cause to be happy as saving school fees with Emerald bars students from using their funds meant for school fees.
To register with Emerald, kindly walk into the A & U Ng Smart office with 2 passports photographs and N500 registration fee.
Starting from January, 2022, our customers will have a nicer experience while visiting our office to do business. We are rebranding and re-beautifying the A & U Ng Smart Office to create an ambience healthy for quality services.
The dream is big and only your patronage can aid us to help you.
Let us anticipate January 1st as we make the Big Announcement, and from thence, every other thing will flow.
May God bless all our customers.
May your plans and strategies for 2022 come to fruition.
In Jesus Name, Amen!
A & U Ng
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