The Niger Delta University resume 2021/2022 academic session on Friday January 14th, 2022 with freshmen’s arrival on campus. However, returning students (200 level – final year) are expected to resume a week later on Friday 21st, 2022.

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This information is was contained in a proposed academic calendar released late November, 2021 by the University Time Table Committee (UTTC).

The proposed outline for the 2021/2022 academic session is as follows:

NDU First Semester 2021/2022 Academic session 

NDU Resumption date for 100 level – Friday January 14th, 2022

NDU Resumption date for 200 – final year – Friday 21st, 2022

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Lectures begins Monday January 24th, 2022

Lecture ends Friday April 15th, 2022

NDU First Semester Examination for 2021/2022

Education students are expected to start Monday April 18th, 2022 and end Saturday 23rd, 2022. Recall that in NDU, education students always starts examinations as they are considered very many.

GST examinations starts Monday April 18th to Saturday May 7th, 2022

All other Faculties examinations starts Monday May 2nd, 2022 and ends Saturday May 14th, 2022

First semester break/holiday Monday May 16th to Friday May 27th, 2022. This is 12 days holiday. The NDU mid-semestry breaks are known to be very short.

Senate consideration of first semester result: June 29th, 2022. Graduates who are unable to pay their school fees by the end of 2020/2021 but paid at a later date will wait for June 29th when Senate will consider results again before they can be able to do their clearance.

NDU 2021/2022 Academic Session Second Semester

Unlike the first semester, all students, both freshmen and returning students are to resume same day. Resumption date for all is Monday May 30th, 2022

Lecture ends Friday August 19th, 2022

NDU Second Semester Examination for 2021/2022

Education students will start Monday August 22nd, 2022 and end Saturday 27th, 2022.

GST examinations start Monday August 22nd to Saturday September 10th, 2022

All other Faculties examinations starts Monday September 5th, 2022 and ends Saturday September 1th, 2022.

Second semester break/holiday Monday September 19th to Friday October 21st, 2022. This is a month and 2 days period.

Senate consideration of second semester result: October 26th, 2022.

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