The Christmas is now set for Justice Bluff as he has emerged the third school fees promo winner and gets credited on Christmas day.

Recall that the A & U Ng Promo is specially targeted at payment of school fees promo only. Nonetheless, the A & U Ng management have adjusted its promo policy to allow this special Christmas win go to the winner for the purpose of making extra plans and celebrations.

Call A & U Ng Now for your 100 Level Clearance! 08060699054

Justice who claimed never to be aware of such promo before was exhilarated to have win such an unexpected amount of money on Christmas and thanked the management of A & U Ng for the gesture.


The School A & U Ng school fees promo is aimed to say thank you to students and parents customers who use the Smart Office for all their school work.

Onyebuchi First, Erhijefe Follows: A & U Ng School Fees Promo Second Winner

The third promo was drawn at 135 patronage (instead of 150) on Thursday 24th, 2021. As usual, a post was made on Facebook where a friend of the office with the Facebook name Belema Iyene (first comment) was contacted to draw the raffle in which Justice Bluff emerged as the winner.

Congratulations as Onyebuchi Wins: 19 More Winners to go

Remember that the promo is targeted at 20 winners to get N50,000 each, making it 1,000,000 in total.

As patronage continues, it is expected that more winners will emerge. It is however, sad that the winner who was credited is yet to pay fees, making our decision to actually release the win hard. Nevertheless, the winner has been credited and we only hope he get his fees on time or use the services of Emerald.

We now look forward to the fourth winner whose raffle will be drawn at 200 patronage. To be part of this promo as a 100 level newly admitted student, kindly walk into the A & U Ng Smart Office and process your clearance.

For more info, call 08060699054

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