Checking on your ward’s academic progress is one thing that has raised parental concerns over the years. Here in the Niger Delta University, parents have raised several issues and the management of A & U Ng have addressed many in the past. This material is also in response to pertinent emerging parental concerns.

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In this material, we shall guide you as a parent, sponsor or guardian on how to monitor your ward’s claimed schools fees payments and acclaimed results/performance and how to rate the performance.

How to Check/Confirm NDU School Fees Payments

To check your ward’s school fees payment, you will need to visit the official Niger Delta University portal. The name is

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You can click the link below to know the various websites owned by the NDU and the functions they serve.

Top 10 Websites of Niger Delta University and their Functions

Once you have logged in to the website, let us believe you are using a phone, then you will see three (3) horizontal lines under the Niger Delta University (NDU) logo. See a sample of the horizontal lines below:

ndufees homepage

Click it and you will see a drop-down menu. Inside the menu, you will see SIGN IN. There is an arrow facing down at the right hand side of the SIGN IN, click it and you will see another SIGN IN.

ndufees menu

Click the second sign in and you will see a pop-up to enter your ward’s login email and password.

ndufees login popup

Ask your ward to send you the email and password to login to his/her ndufees account. Or ask for the email and password used to pay the acceptance fees. If they are unable to get it, kindly refer to the café assistant that helped pay the acceptance for the login.

Once you get it, insert the email and the password in the pop-up box and click sign in.

Once you have signed in, you will see the following image:

Your phone may be in mobile view, click the browser  setting. You will find three dots at the top right of your browser. That is the setting icon. Some browser may carry three (3) horizontal lines.

Whence you click it, you will scroll down to see REQUEST DESKTOP MODE. Or DESKTOP SITE. See picture below

Browser setting menu

Click it and your view will change to desktop view that will make it easy to navigate the dashboard. See a sample below:

ndufees receipt

Now in desktop site, click receipts. You will see a list of all the receipts for the payments you have made.

A list of ndufees receipt

If you have an NDU school fees receipt in your hand printed and it is not showing there, you have a cause to be worried. Kindly refer to the NDU ICT immediately.

If you need further guidance concerning the above, please, call or WhatsApp 08060699054.

How to Verify NDU Receipts

IT is possible you may have asked your wards to submit his/her receipts which they brought from NDU to you. To verify by yourself that these receipts are authentic with your phone aside from the channel stated above, take the receipt, there is a barcode at the bottom. See the image of a barcode below:

Barcodes are square in shape and in black colour. See a sample of a barcode below:

A sample of ndufees bar code

You will have to use your phone to scan this barcode. Open your phone menu, scroll down and find an app called SMART SCAN. See the logo of a SMART SCAN below:

Smart Scan App logo

Click it and it will show moving lines ready to scan. See example of what you will see below:

Smart Scan App display

Put the receipt in your hand, the side of the barcode under the phone camera. Once the camera catches the barcode, it will automatically confirm the information on the receipt. Your browser will automatically open and the receipt owners’ details in will popup. If the name in the receipt online is the same as the one in the receipt in your hand, then the receipt is original, otherwise, raise concerns and contact the ICT office.

If you are having issues concerning the above, WhatsApp or call 08060699054.

How to Check your Wards NDU Results

In those days, NDU used to paste results at the Department. For parents to see results, they have to pass through students’ manipulations. Now, the results are online and you can check and monitor your wards’results yourself.

NDU Results can be checked in the same website as course enrolment website. That is to say when a student is admitted, they register their courses with a website called See the course enrolment/result checking platform sample below:

Eface homepage

Upon registration, a username which is the Jamb number and a password is available (kindly note that the username automatically changes to matriculation number as from second semester.). This means your ward will register with Jamb number but as second semester or 200 level reach, they can no longer register Jamb number. Only Matric number can be used.

Ask your ward for their course enrolment login. If they don’t seem to have it, ask for the Jamb registration number and use it as username. Ask for the password.

This place may stress you to login especially when your ward is trying to hide info from you. You may want to call us to help you through.

To login click the SELECT. Choose UNDER GRADUATE FULL TIME. Insert the username and password. Once you have been able to login, the image below is what you will see.

Eface dashboard

Look at the menu very well, you will see CHECK RESULT. See image below:

Eface result menu item

Then you will select the level and the session you want to check, then the result will pop-up. See sample of result

Sample of NDU result

Kindly note that you will pay for result checking first. It cost N220. But if you are to tell us to pay for you, you will send us N500 per semester. Once payment is made, then the result will appear for you to view and/or print.

Rate your Wards Performance

To rate your wards’ performance, you need to know the rating of performance in universities. Universities students’ performance are rated in Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA). CGPAs are rated from 0.00-5.00. Check the result well, you will see where GPA and CGPA are written. Find the CGPA.

If the CGPA is between 5.00-4.50 it is referred to as First Class

If it is from 4.49 down to 3.50, it is Second Class Upper.

If it is 3.50 down to 2.50, it is Second Class Lower.

If it is 2.49 down to 1.50, is it Third Class.

Anything below 1.50 downward is Pass.

So, with the above, you can know the performance of your ward. If you did your ward’s clearance in the office of the A & U Ng, kindly peruse through the Admission Guide Vol. 3 given FREE to your ward, go to page 15 under the title, Unravelling the Mysteries of Calculating Your CGPA. You will see how to calculate CGPA there. If you did not do your clearance with the A & U Ng, you may not be able to get it as it is not available anywhere again.

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