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By: Michael Jules, Ese Richard

Candidates who are searching for Universities of choice in Bayelsa State are finding it difficult to make a very good choice consequent upon the dearth of tangible information which helps guide admission seekers.

This post is intended to properly guide prospective candidates to make informed choices. Therefore, the characteristics upon which this comparison will be made will include school fees, location, funding, quality of scholarship, cost of living, cost of schooling, volume of programmes offered, Size of institution (by students), Size of institution (by campus), time of establishment, offered medical programmes, post-graduate programmes and road accessibility.

1. School Fees

School fees in the Niger Delta University is generally higher than that of the Federal University, Otuoke. Take for instance, 100 level FUO students in humanities, Social Sciences and Management pays N63,000. There is also no consideration of indigenes and non-indigenes because it is a Federal University. However, in NDU, Management and social sciences, pays 110.000 and 160,000 for indigenes and non-indigenes respectively. For Engineering school fees, FUO is 73,000 for 100 level while NDU is 170,000 for non-indigenes and 120,000 for non-indigenes. On average, the NDU school fees is higher than that of FUO with N82,000.

2. Location

Although both Universities are located in Bayelsa, State, Nigeria, FUO is located in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area while NDU is located in Amassoma/Wilberforce Island, in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

3. Funding

The Federal University, Otuoke is fully funded by the federal government while the Niger Delta University is fully funded by the Bayelsa State government.

4. Quality of scholarship

Although there hasn’t been any tangible academic study on the comparison of quality of education in both FUO and NDU, the general perception however, is that NDU is more qualitative than FUO in the quality of teaching and learning. In fact, students from FUO, especially in Engineering still go to NDU to carry out laboratory practice.

5. Cost of living

Cost of living in Bayelsa State is considerably higher than many places in Nigeria. Comparison between NDU and FUO on which have the highest cost of living is still ongoing. However, FUO currently seems to take the higher side.

6. Cost of schooling

You know what? When it comes to money, let’s just give it up to NDU as the ogakpatakpata of them all. NDU is higher in fees all round. This is always because FUO is a federal school.

7. Volume of programmes offered

NDU currently officer more than 70 fully accredited programmes while FUO currently offers 27 programmes.

8. Size of institution (by students)

NDU students are more than that of the FUO. The last count by the NDU VC placed the students around 20,000 while students in Otuoke according to the SUG president is around 13,000.

9. Size of institution (by campus)

FUO have mainly two campuses, the East and West campuses which is also the Skills and the Main campus. However, NDU have several campuses, 4 campuses to be precise with an additional teaching hospital. The NDU 4 campuses are Main campus, New Site, CHS and Law Faculty in Yenagoa, and then the Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri.

10. Time of establishment

The Niger Delta University, was established in 2000 by Chief Direpreye Alamieyeseigha, the then (first) civilian governor of Bayelsa State, while the Federal University, Otuoke was established in 2011 by the former president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

11. Offered Medical Programmes

Among the two universities, only the NDU offers fully accredited medical courses. NDU has medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology. However, the Federal University, Otuoke does not offer any medical programme.

12. Post-Graduate Programmes

The Federal University, Otuoke are just getting set to offer Post-graduate programmes. Meanwhile, NDU has commenced Post Graduate studies for the past decade with all programmes fully accredited.

13. Road Accessibility

The federal university otuoke have very poor road accessibility. As at the time of this report, the Tombia access road has been abandoned while motorist go though other alternative routes which are also in very bad conditions. However, Amassoma road to NDU is in a very good state. In fact, no single pot hole all through.

14. Predegree/Basic Programmes

The Niger Delta University offers Predegree and Basic Programmes while the Federal University, Otuoke does not offer any of such preliminary programmes.


  1. You are bothered about fees? Then look towards FUO
  2. Quality of scholarship? The difference is not much. But then NDU may be your choice.
  3. Concerned about cost of living? Then take NDU. But the difference is not much
  4. If you are bothered about the general cost of schooling, then take FUO.
  5. If you are a medical student, then NDU is your only choice.

Now you know about the two universities. So take your time and take a decision as an admission seeker.

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S/N Characteristics FUO NDU
1 School fees Cheaper Higher
2 Location Otuoke, Ogbia, Bayelsa Amassoma, Southern Ijaw, Bayelsa
3 Funding Federal government State government
4 Quality of scholarship Perceptively lower Perceptively higher
5 Cost of living Perceptively higher Perceptively lower
6 Cost of schooling Cheaper Costlier
7 Volume of programmes offered 27 More than 70
8 Size of institution (by students) Around 13,000 Around 20,000
9 Size of institution (by campus) 2 campuses 4 campuses plus a teaching hospital
10 Time of establishment 2011 2000
11 Offered medical programmes Not offering medical programmes Offering medical programmes
12 Post-graduate programmes About to commence Available
13 Road accessibility Very poor Very good
14 Preliminary programmes Not available Available