So many predegree graduates complain of low scores and overall performance at the end of the programme. This is after spending huge amount of money in school fees, feeding, accommodation, books, etc. Then you have a score of 2, 3, 4, etc. Or you see a medical student scoring 5, 6,7, etc.

It is very painful when you put your time and other resources in an endeavour and the desired results are not achieved. So, I have decided to put the following together so that you will know the things that may hinder your progress into 200 level.

They are as follows:

  1. Late school fees payment: earlier in 2021, a Predegree student who applied for Emerald School Fees Loans, as at the time the school fees loan was approved by the Emerald management and to be paid, the Predegree ICT office noted that the payment is no longer necessary as the student did not do capturing. So, first semester and half of second semester wasted.

Paying your school fees late is very detrimental to your wellbeing. The Predegree management will not even allow you to write exams. So if you cannot pay your school fees immediately, or at least in the early part of your first semester, please rethink. The Predegree management MAY also accept part payment in first semester to allow you write the first semester exams. In my candid opinion, “if pikin go school, him go pay school fees”. Get it ready before even venturing. This is very important for your success in Predegree because you will NEVER write the final exam without completing your school fees. Even if they allow you, just know that you will not see your result.

  1. Thumb Printing: Thumb printing is one of the activities done in Predegree to link students to direct entry admission. If you miss your thumb printing, you can get your certificate but you will not get admission into 200 level. You will wait for the next session to be able to do that. Without your school fees, you may not be able to do your thumb printing. A lot of stuff is actually ted to the school fees. So pay it on time.
  2. Not Following Predegree Office Information: Always visit the Predegree office to get information disseminated from the office. The office also have a WhatsApp group. Ensure you pay for your acceptance quick so that you can be added to the group. From the whatsapp group, you can be getting quick directive so that you can take actions on time.

Lack of Seriousness: There is no shortcut to success. Know that even though you are not in 100 level yet, you need to be serious to score very high. High score stops nonsense. Just get serious, score well and leave the rest for God.

We are continuously investigating issues that may hinder your success n applying for the Predegree programme.

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