Owing to the recent happenings in Federal University, Otuoke, where the Dean of Students Affairs, Joseph Omoro was accused to telling students to go and “commit suicide and die” if they refuse to defer their admission as a result of late course enrolment, a fine gentleman comes to mind. He is no other than Dr. Frankland Oyeins Briyai.

Briyai was the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Niger Delta University from 2015 through 2017. If you have heard of “use the walkway”, perhaps the user may have been referring to Dr. Briyai. Briyai was a perfect middleman who struck the balance between management and students’ fracas. Dr. Briyai understands in its infinite terms, the principle of collective bargains and used it to the advantage of the students and management.

Briyai understood the behaviours of students but manoeuvred things with outcome that is acceptable to both management and the students’ community.

In 2016 MPC Law riot in the NDU, Briyai stood at the forefront of the protest from Main campus gate through the former VC’s office to show solidarity with the students’ community. Briyai waited at the man campus gate, received the students and marched along with them to the surprise of many. It was no surprise that the then NDU management, under Prof. Humphrey Ogoni listened to the senior students during the first MPC protest.

The Almighty MPC Law in Niger Delta University: What Freshers Must Know

Briyai was always seen spearheading the affairs of students including protection of students’ interests in many undocumented ways.

Why Joseph Omoro should be Removed from the Office of the Dean,  Students’ Affairs, Federal University, Otuoke

It comes as a rude shock and a surprise that Joseph Omoro who chaired the office of the Dean, Students Affairs, Federal University, Otuoke; an office that champions the interest of students have allegedly told same to go and commit suicide and die. It is difficult to fathom the hereafter of his actions since the students have registered their displeasure with his speech.

The students’ community can no longer trust that Joseph Omoro have the interest of the students at heart. Add the ongoing actions against him, it can be concluded that he may nurture bitterness against the students in future decision making, thereby making him unfit for such position. The Dean and the students moves together pari-pasu and not in disagreement.

In all calculations, Joseph Omoro is no longer fit to represent students in the Federal University, Otuoke and as such, I deem it fit that he should be removed as the Dean, Students’ Affairs and a capable hands with the right mental stability be put in place to handle the affairs of FUO students henceforth. This is to ensure that students’ interests are protected in FUO.

University management must understand that humans are the recipients of their policies, hence, must always seek for students’ inputs when making these policies. This is to ensure that whatever policy that is made is widely accepted by the generality of the students’ community.

As we continue to hope that Joseph Omoro will be replaced without much ado, we also appeal to the FUO management to handle the ongoing protest with understanding and listen to the students so that peace can reign and students return to the class.

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