Students of the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering and friends from Faculty of Engineering have on Thursday 28th, 2021 bade farewell to Master Godstime Kikili who passed away on the 24th of July 2021.


Master Godstime Kikili was reportedly involved in a car accident while travelling back to his abode in Amassoma from his friend’s mother’s burial ceremony.

The deceased is a final year student who was about to graduate from the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering before the sad incidence occurred.

Our correspondent also reported that one other young life was also lost in the car accident bringing the total fatality to two.

Five hundred level students of the Faculty of Engineering on the 28th of October gathered with friends and well-wishers to mourn their deceased colleague and bade final farewell. They marched and sang around campus, carrying banner with the inscription “To our loving friend, brother, colleague and compatriot, you’re forever in our hearts, as we gaze into space, we remember all the good memories we’ve had these past 5 years. As we mourn, we honour your memory and cherish the time we shared together. We say farewell”.

Marvel, one of the colleagues of Godstime Kikili in an interview said “Godstime Kikili was never a dull boy, when you’re around him there is no dull moment, because of his good deeds he was adopted into my family, and became my brother, it was a huge blow to me, my family and to everyone of us present here, the best we could do for him is to keep his memories in our hearts, I must say his death came as a shock to me, when I first heard the news by 10:00pm, first I did not believe. I thought someone was playing prank on me, all I could say is that farewell my brother, farewell my colleague, and farewell my friend”.

Another of his colleague name withheld, said inspiring words: “there’s something I learned from all these, if Godstime Kikili was to be alive, if at some point he ask any of us guy please help me for four thousand or three thousand naira we won’t give, but we brought out money in his absent to print banner for him. Another thing I learnt is to do good to people regardless of who they are and what they do, all these things really touched me a lot. The most important thing is that let’s try as much as possible to show love to people when they are alive not when they are dead”.

After the procession, they all concluded with prayers and departed.

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