Course enrolment was hitherto processed with an e-pin sold by Mr. Erho of the computer department for N1,000 outside of café charges. As at then when course enrolment newly started, it was being done through Students SRMS Records. The SRMS platform was a bit problematic and stressful unlike the current eface system.

Thinking of the stress the ICT personnel are going through correcting error course enrolment jobs, one would stoop to wonder how Mr. Erho alone was able to handle such volume of jobs, a job now being handled by a clique of ICT personnel. Of course, that was one of the foremost demerits of Mr. Erho and his SRMS system. Many Café personnel called his operations chop alone. Lets go back to the story.

Out of nowhere, news came that the e-pin which was sold by the school management for N1,000 has been increased to N4,200 (some info in this report are lifted from various corroborating publications as our campus reporting platforms were not in existence then. Hence, data were scanty).

This was already second week of August. Coupled with the increment of school fees in 2015/2016 academic session, where the management appealed that once economy bounce back from the 2015 recession, the fees would be reconsidered (something that never happened), the students, led by the then President of the Student Union Government (SUG) Comrade Kemeagbeyei Mitin, protested on August 14th, 2017, agitating for the reduction of school fees and rejecting the increment in course enrolment e-pin.

The students were also angered that the NDU management did not bother to include them in decision making on issues that concerned them. After the protest, there was an agreement that returning students’e-pin remains 1,000 while that of 100 level students is sold for N2,500.

This agreement has remained so till date. It is the template upon which the current course enrolment/registration is done. 100 level now pays N2,500 (actual cost is around N2,600); add café charges, you will arrive at N4,000. Meanwhile, returning students still pays N1,000 (actual cost is N1,143). Add café charges, you will arrive at N2,000.

Kudos to Comrade Kemeagbeyei Mitin, his struggle paid off.

A & U Ng


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