In academics, several issues/happenings can result to suspension of your studies. Sometimes, you might be financially down or ill and feel you cannot continue for the time-being. Then you may decide to suspend your studies to give you time to source for funds or recuperate.

In other instances, a student can also be suspended or rusticated by the Senate from school for his/her conduct. This can be as a result of examination malpractice, fighting, stealing, joining cultists’ activities, etc.

The incidence is often reported to the Senate arm in charge of students’ discipline known as the Senate Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SSDC). The committee invites the student for examination and make as decision. The decision is communicated to the student through a letter carried by the Head of Department.

The suspended student is not expected to take part in any academic activities and to hand over all university property under his care to the university. He or she, if living in the hostel, is also expected to vacate the hostel immediately.

A student can be suspended for semesters where in worst cases, suspension can last up to 4 semesters. But after serving the suspension time, what do you do to resume school?

How To Resume School After Suspension/Rustication

Once you complete your sanctioned semesters, you are expected to type a letter to the registrar and attached the suspension letter, notifying the registrar of your resumption of academic activities.

The same letter will also be addressed to the Dean of Students Affairs, Dean of Faculty and the Head of Department. You can address it to the Registrar and copy the other officials listed above.

You are also expected to pay up all your fees if at all you were owing. This includes school fees, course enrolment and other 100 level charges like skill acquisition, medicals, etc.

Once you have done the above, then you can start classes. The department will take it from there and ensure they resume your records. Your results will also start from where it stopped.

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Sample of a Suspension/Rustication Letter

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